Kaia, 14, und Presley Gerber, 16 — cindy Crawford und Rande Gerber’s uber attractive offspring — are the newest modell siblings on ns block.

Du schaust: Kaia gerber presley walker gerber

Between them, die high schoolers oase already functioned with oberteil notch designers. Presley freshly walked forMoschinoandDolce & Gabbanaat men’s fashion week, if Kaia landing a clues on Alexander Wang’s #WangSquad und just this week was named the newest ambassador forMiu Miu’s eyewear.

Not kommen sie mention, the Gerbers to be featured in Vogue Paris with their mother (Kaia und Crawford landed ns cover, while Presley made in appearance inside) and deshalb worked side by side for in editorial in Carine Roitfeld’s CR mode Book and oase been featured bei AmericanVogue, too.

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Both babes, who are signed to IMG, nur no signs des slowing under anytime soon. Deswegen who space these good-looking kids? us did a little digging (so freundin don’t have to!) kommen sie help you get to know die Gerbers.

1. Kaiagot her anfang with Versace:Kaia started modeling punkt age 10 for Young Versace — und mama krawall wasn’tsure just how she feel about her youngest dipping herstellung toes an the industry weist such a young age, noting that age 17 would certainly be an ext appropriate (Crawford herself was discovered at 16). However it appears thesupermodel has changed herstellung tune; Kaiasigned with IMG at nur 14.

2. Presley is also an amateur photographer:Presley’s favourite subject? His lil’ sis. Die pair launched bei Instagram account,
kbyp, bei 2014 to showcase ns eldest’s portraits von Kaia.

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A photo posted über
kbyp top top Jun 8, 2014 at 7:52pm PDT

3. Presley’s favourite pose is a little bit edgy:Presley nailed ns most necessary pose wie he was just a wee babe v a head full von moppy blonde locks (which he apparently styled an a mohawk top top occasion). Take that, paparazzi.

A photo posted über Presley Gerber (
presleygerber) ~ above Jun 19, 2016 punkt 1:00pm PDT

A photo posted von Kaia Gerber (
kaiagerber) on Jul 4, 2014 at 2:05pm PDT

4. Presley has bei earring und a tattoo:But don’t worry, castle were extended up for Prom.

A photograph posted by Presley Gerber (
presleygerber) ~ above Apr 12, 2016 at 4:02pm PDT

5. Thanks kommen sie their mom’s connections, the kids run with a pretty cool squad:Cara Delevingne, taylor Swift and Karlie Klossare an the mix.

A picture posted by Kaia Gerber (
kaiagerber) top top Nov 19, 2015 at 6:10pm PST

6. Their A-list inner circle also includes sich kümmern Styles, who once stopped über to make a pizza with Presley and his boys:Because why not.

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A photo posted über Presley Gerber (
presleygerber) ~ above Sep 8, 2013 punkt 7:30pm PDT

7. Modeling isn’t Kaia’s just talent:She when starred together Belle in a rendition des Beauty und the Beast. (Watch out, Emma Watson.)

A photograph posted von Presley Gerber (
presleygerber) on Mar 31, 2012 weist 7:59pm PDT

8. They have the finest #TBTs, obviously: After all, when your mom is cindy Crawford, you schutz access kommen sie gems prefer this:

A picture posted von Kaia Gerber (
kaiagerber) top top Oct 17, 2014 punkt 3:14pm PDT

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