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ThyssenKrupp zu sein a diversified industrial group with timeless strengths in materials und a farming share von capital goods und services businesses. Roughly 155,000 employees an nearly 80 countries arbeit with passion and technological expertise zu develop high-quality products and intelligent commercial processes und services zum sustainable progress.

ThyssenKrupp ist a diversity industrial kopieren, gruppe with timeless strengths an materials und a cultivation share of capital goods and services businesses. Around 155,000 employees an nearly 80 countries work with passion and technological expertise kommen sie develop high-quality products und intelligent commercial processes and services zum sustainable progress. The groups’ operations are organised bei six business areas: components Technology, Elevator Technology, commercial Solutions, products Services, steel Europe and Steel Americas.

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ThyssenKrupp steel Europe zu sein one des the world"s leading suppliers von carbon stole flat products with approximately 27,000 employees und highly effective production facilities. Ns company supplies clever steel products zum the innovations of tomorrow, offer a vast spectrum von steel-using industries, including the automotive industry, mechanical und plant design construction, appliance, and also energy und packaging sectors. Its capabilities selection from clever material solutions and product-specific processing kommen sie comprehensive service.

Sustainable und responsible unternehmen practice is bei inherent part des ThyssenKrupp"s this firm culture.

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An this context, ThyssenKrupp stole Europe has – an cooperation v other business Areas of the kopieren, gruppe - emerged several projects,like InCar add to InnoCity or Tetra Flex.

project TetraFlex – ns next generation von wind turbines: The TetraFlex job has the developers indigenous Duisburg functioning on an innovative neu concept zum steel-built wind towers with heights des 120 up zu 200 meters. Previously, wind turbine heights von this magnitude were exceptionally expensive to achieve. There is good reason, however, zu reach zum the sky: at higher altitudes, the wind blows much more strongly und more consistently. This increases the electricity yield und makes the deployment des TetraFlex towers viable even in low-wind regions. The top part of the new entwurf consists des a round tower, whereas die bottom part is in open structure with 4 legs. For these, ns developers space opting zum spiral welded tubes the are also widely used in the oil and gas industries.

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Neu types von node system are being used zu interconnect ns tubes. Thanks zu lower inhaltsstoff volumes, much faster assembly, und easy scalability zu individual regional requirements, ns TetraFlex wind towers space set kommen sie contribute significantly kommen sie increased wind energie yields bei the future,