Kaley Cuoco invested over a decade playing everyone’s favourite girl-next-door penny on The big Bang Theory. End the cbs sitcom"s 11-season run, viewers saw münzen evolve native Leonard und Sheldon’s hubba-hubba actress neighbor kommen sie Leonard’s career-oriented wife. But her character"s development on the nur wasn’t nur about herstellung career and relationship choices, as Cuoco reflect on one more notable means Penny"s evolution was noticeable across her time ~ above The huge Bang Theory.

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Having started die classic sitcom wie man she was 21, there were some noticeable changes in Kaley Cuoco"s character as it continued. Some von that had kommen sie do with the actress" entwickeln as a woman, which led to part stylistic changes bei Penny’s look, und The large Bang Theory alum talked zu the tagebuch W around Penny’s most noticeable change:

I began "Big Bang" hinweisen 21 year old. I was die cute mädchen next door to the nerds. It was all around booty shorts, Juicy Couture zip-ups. Und as the years walk on - penny grows up, Kaley grows trost - all of a sudden it"s like, "Can I schutz a long sleeve shirt? How around a slack? How around a loafer? i never wanna see that high hoe again!" i had every color of the Uggs - Uggs with shorts, those were die days! i don"t think it was hard to wear that stuff and be funny, ich think. I love being funny no matt what. Ich think even that was kind of self-deprecating. And deshalb that was deswegen long ago.

Though Kaley Cuoco has moved on indigenous Penny, having already earned awards noms zum HBO Max"s The flight Attendant, many TV viewers wollen always see her as ns beloved character. However they might notfall even realize exactly how much herstellung wardrobe changed from Season 1 zu Season 12. Wie you put Cuoco’s age und archetype bei the previously seasons, produziert wardrobe advance made sense. Nur the mention des booty shorts und colorful Uggs conjures ns haphazard fashion phases des the 2000s. So, Kaley Cuoco’s wardrobe choices certainly made die sense throughout that period, due to the fact that she was ns cute, bubbly neighbor who Leonard and the guys fawned over. But ns actress and character had kommen sie mature over such a lengthy period.

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Being ns cute neighbor allowed Kaley Cuoco kommen sie be die hot mädchen on a top-rated sitcom, i m sorry wasn"t something the The huge Bang Theory was angry about at the time. Cuoco couldn’t assist but think around Penny’s revealing wardrobe through some fondness, and llooked zurück at those earlier seasons und her younger self von saying:

When ich think around how numerous years back that was, it was a various time. Also, von the way, weist 21 ich was hot. I wanted to nur that stuff off. You would not catch me dead in a sexy cat costume now! i just had actually a litter des kittens - never ever doing that again.

Kaley Cuoco tying her new kittens kommen sie Penny’s cat costume proved how much she’s come bei her career. And so sounds favor she isn"t auch interested bei playing a live-action Catwoman after voice Harley Quinn. But weist least, Cuoco was aware of the situation and leaned into it. Cuoco und Big Bang Theory fans tun können relive Penny in her Juicy Couture tops and Uggs über watching the cbs sitcom ~ above HBO maximal while waiting weil das The flight Attendant Season 2.

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