Since freundin are reading this article freundin already recognize that it’s quite hard zu tell if someone zu sein online ~ above Line. Bei fact, there zu sein no klein green or blue dot, or any kind of other indicator that signals a user’s status. Und it’s safe zu assume the this zu sein some kind of privacy function that protects you und the various other Line customers from die overly chatty admirers.

Du schaust: Kann man bei line sehen ob jemand online ist


Step 2

Tap ~ above ‘Posts’ an the reduced left-hand corner nur as you did before. Sie can deshalb tap on their profile und see die message nur under their name.


As you tun können see in the screenshot above, the user collection their zustand Message to say “Not Online.” Although that isn’t likely that your friends und contacts möchte be this proactive, it zu sein worth checking your profile zum any updates.

How zu Trick review Recipient in Line

Is over there a switch to turn off read recipient in Line? No, there isn’t. Despite this doesn’t median it’s impossible, sie just schutz to think outside the box, dafür to speak.

The point you kann do from within the app is kommen sie disable message notifications. Insanity on the gear icon, pick Notifications, und choose one of the options. You kann completely toggle them turn off or disable message and thumbnail previews.

Ignoring the kopieren, gruppe chat or individual chat tags is so easy. Just tap on the taste next to Mentions zu toggle the off. Transforming off all notifications may be useful, but die read receiver is ausblüten there as soon as you open the message.


Some users go die extra mile kommen sie hide their online status. They turn on the Airplane mode and then read ns message. Nevertheless, you’ll be able to seen the check out recipient as soon as lock switch die Airplane mode off.

Self-Destructing Chats, Deleting Photos, und Third-Party Trackers

Aside from die non-existent zustand indicator und read recipient workarounds, there are various other ways to hide an plain sight on Line. But freundin should understand that line keeps updating die app und privacy policy. This means sie might not be able zu utilize some of the functions based on ns Line version you use.

Now You lakers It, jetzt You Don’t

This one comes right from die spy movies. Regardless of the recipient’s online status, you can set a Line text to self-destruct after ~ a details time.

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To execute it, offen a chat and hit the name of ns recipient, climate tap surprise Chat. Plus, there’s a timer the makes ns message disappear after ns set period.

Note: This feature might not be obtainable with die latest line update.

Removing Photos

It would be really kühl if sie could collection photos top top Line to self-destruct, yet there is blieb no such feature. Sie need to do it the alt fashioned way and delete or hide die photos manually. Here’s how to do it.

Access die Activity Log and select All, choose ns photo, and tap “Hide from Timeline” or “Delete Photo.” This way freundin may protect against someone from guessing if sie are online or not.

Note: If ns photo ist in an album, hit the Share icon und select Remove.

Third-Party Spy Software

In this section, us won’t recommend any des the third-party monitor apps due to the fact that very couple of are actually easily accessible on anwendung or pat Store. However, this doesn’t average there’s a shortage of spy apps the end there.

Most des these apps are designed to keep tabs on ns user’s chats, location, activities, charme usage, etc. Und while they might be useful zu determine their online status, it’s advisable kommen sie approach this apps with caution. Ns spy apps seem kommen sie pick trost on a gewächs of private information und there’s no way to tell how well the die info is protected.

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Don’t Cross die Line

One way or die other, you can never be 100% if someone is online ~ above Line. Deswegen how do sie tell if your friends room available zum Line chats or call? Do you send them a message und wait zum a reply? Or maybe, carry out something else? Drop united state a comment und share your endure with the rest des the community.