Kansas Black 3 K Turbo

800°C TURBO ZONE™ (4.2 kW) through infrared mesh: get extra high temperatures an no time weist all weil das hot searingHEAT RANGE™: continuous temperatures weil das cooking ~ above a short or high flameSWITCH GRID™: ns enamelled actors grateoffers versatile grilling optionsInfrared rückseitig burner (4 kW): forjuicy and crispy meat on ns rotisserie

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the unbridled joy von a great barbecue Welcome zu our premium range: die KANSAS pro range seriously turns up the heat. Its warmth RANGE™ stainless steel burner design ensures that the heat zu sein distributed same throughout ns barbecue right trost to ns edges, deswegen your food kann sein cook punkt a stable low or high temperature des 80–300°C in the food preparation chamber. Und there is a gewächs more kommen sie our KANSAS PRO gas barbecue range: Underneath ns sturdy lid, the SWITCH GRID™ grate system lets you pick your preferred food preparation method for your barbecue creations. Once freundin are excellent with die Enders TURBO ZONE™, the SIMPLE CLEAN™ system allows you to clean her barbecue effortlessly and an no time punkt all.



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800°C TURBO ZONE™ (4.2 kW) through infraredmesh: reaches extra high temperature inno time punkt all for hot searing

heat RANGE™: constant temperatures forcooking top top a low or high flame

move GRID™: ns enamelled actors grateoffers versatile grilling options

Infrared zurück burner (4 kW): forjuicy und crispy meat on ns rotisserie

side cooker (3.5 kW): zum preparing sidedishes, kann be provided as a handy storagesurface wie man folded closed

Stainless steel warming rack provides more space weil das setting aside your barbecued food

4 stainless steel burners forpowerful direct und indirect grilling

Viewing window heat-resistant

combined stainless steel party opener

SIMPLE CLEAN™: ns components of thecombustion chamber are manually removablefor straightforward cleaning – no devices needed

Removable fat tray zum easy cleaning

practical washbasin und chopping board

11 kg gasbottle kann sein remain inside the base unit during use

Battery-free piezo ignition bei the control taste means lighting ns flame zu sein safe and reliable

Stainless stole flame startseite protect the burners und optimise die heat distribution

Inclusive hose and gas press regulator

Sturdy, double-walled stainless steel hood with incorporated thermometer

Stainless steel burning chamber

regulate panel, side shelves, 3 base units and 4 double-walled doors made of stainless steel

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items no.: gesamt output in kW: Stainless steel burners x kW: next cooker kW: Infrared zurück burner kW: TURBO ZONE™: heat RANGE™: basic CLEAN™: move GRID™: city hall window: Ignition: Barbecue surface ar cm / cm²: Grill grate: Storable gas bottle (max.): functioning dimensions: dimensions : Weight: gas hose und gas pressure regulator 30mbar:
22.8 kW
3 x 3.7 kW / 1 ns 4.2 kW
3.5 kW
4.0 kW
70 x 45 / 3150 cm²
enamelled cast
11 kg
89 centimeter
b 153 x ns 64 x H 118 cm
78 kg
to exclude,