When Kanye west released the song and video for "Famous" bei 2016, he soon reignited his feud with taylor Swift. Freundin know, die one the started wie he hopped onto ns stage at ns 2009 VMAs und interrupted Swift's acceptance speech, and peaked bei 2016 when West's wife, kim Kardashian West, called produziert a liar—and had die receipts weil das it? Well, die beef that released a million line emoji leben on thanks kommen sie a simple "like" on Instagram.

The most recent chapter provides us understanding into what Swift may really think about the video, which proved a naked look-alike wax figure des her in bed next to West, in addition to 10 other nude figures including donald Trump, Amber Rose, kris Brown, Rihanna, und Bill Cosby. West's lied features the lyrics "I feel choose me und Taylor might blieb have sex…Why? ich made that bitch famous." die beef kicked off again because west said he gott approval native Swift to use ns lines, which Swift denied before Kardashian west released recordings top top Snapchat that appeared to nur Swift green-lighting ns "might ausblüten have sex" heat (Swift states she didn't give die go-ahead zum the "that bitch" line).

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And the brings us to this week, wie a twitter user wrote, "The famed music videos was straight hoch revenge porn. Notfall to point out putting abuse victims next zu their abusers und celebrating sexual assaulters. It was disgusting and he doesn’t get sufficient crap weil das it." ns tweet was screenshotted und shared ~ above Instagram, wherein it was then liked von one taylor Alison Swift. Provided that Swift ist pretty masterful in the means she offers social media, it's notfall a stretch kommen sie assume that produziert "like" means she agrees with die statement.

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The subtitle on instagram expanded also further on die issue: "It’s dafür weird to seen how Kanye got away with putting realistic depictions des naked celebrities in his video. I was reading comments the other day and people claimed they didn’t like taylor because she 'uses das lied to humiliate her ex boyfriends,' we understand that’s notfall true yet isn’t the strange that they don’t apply that very same logic to a man putting a nude woman in his music video that’s been perceived millions von times due to the fact that he nur doesn’t favor her."

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That's notfall the zuerst time bei recent weeks that Swift has actually appeared kommen sie address the drama with West. She wrote in a current essay zum Elle: "A couple of years ago, who started bei online hate campaign von calling me a snake on ns Internet. The fact that so many people jumped on board v it led me zu feeling reduced than I've ever felt in my life, but ich can't tell you how hard i had zu keep from laughing every time mine 63-foot inflatable cobra called Karyn showed up onstage an front des 60,000 screaming fans. It's the stadium reisen equivalent of responding zu a troll's hateful instagram comment through 'lol.' It would certainly be quite if we could get in apology from human being who bully us, yet maybe all I'll ever before get is the satisfaction von knowing ich could make it through it, und thrive in spite of it."