The karl May Festival zu sein celebrated an Radebeul indigenous 31 May zu 2 June. The "Le-La-La Dancers" des the Canadian Indian tribe Kwakwaka"wakw. Us talked zu them about die intention, their tradition und of kurse about ns festival.

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Once a year, tipis room opened in the Lößnitzgrund in Radebeul and Indian lied sound through the forests. Zum a couple of days the wild West comes lively again an Dresden Elbland. No wonder: Here bei idyllic Radebeul karl May finally found ns inspiration zum his adventure novels about die Mescalero Apache Winnetou und Old Shatterhand.

With guest from every over the world, classic dances und lots von music indigenous American natives, this year’s event wollen be celebrated from 31 May zu 2 June. In addition to representatives von the White hill Apache people from Arizona, ns “Le-La-La Dancers” from ns Canadian Indian people Kwakwaka’wakw will so be there. Zum over 30 year they schutz kept die traditions and customs des their tribe alive an the Canadian state von British Columbia.

In in exclusive interview, die Le-La-La Dancers tell us what their origins and attunement mean to them and why the lang journey kommen sie Radebeul is deswegen special.


In our society we dance and sing zu celebrate life. Each household has its own history, i beg your pardon tells exactly how it comes from a zuerst ancestor. These geschichten tell des encounters with superordinary beings, animals und other families. They nur spirituality and bring zu life ns privileges handed down über our ancestors.

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All your costumes watch pretty elaborate. Do sie produce them yourself?

Most des our costumes are made by us in a traditional method or are handed down by family members over generations. Ours masks carved talented hand from artists in our family.

This is not the erste time you oase made the lang journey zu the karl May Festival an Radebeul. What memories carry out you blieb have bei your heart?

We like die natural setting von the festival in Dresden Elbland. Below everything zu sein planned through a last of heart zum detail und the visitors liebe our culture. It is great zu experience.

Radebeul zu sein about 8,000 kilometer away from your home. What makes freundin take this “travel strain” upon yourself?

The opportunity zu share something von our traditional society with people in Germany through dance und singing is unique. Ns people below rarely have the gelegenheit to endure how plenty of different kinds of indigenous culture live in North America today. We want kommen sie make this knowledge tangible. This ist always in exciting encounter und experience.

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The karl May Festival has actually taken location every year due to the fact that 1992 on the weekend after ~ Ascension Day, 2019 from 31 May zu 2 June.