Karl Theodor Zu Guttenberg 2018

Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg, who offered as defence minister under angela Merkel, zu sein helping europe firms wanting to enter ns US marketplace. <...> (447words)

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AI agency Augustus transforms page in Paris after united state woes

The German AI specialist is being sued von two former staff in the US. <...>

wolfgang Ischinger lobbies top top sidelines des Munich Conference

German ex-diplomat wolfgang Ischinger provided his consulting und business diplomacy firm Agora Strategy group on die European Union"s (EU) lobbyist <...>

former diplomat wolfgang Ischinger organizes the Munich defense Conference every year. © reuters

former NSC director join Macro Advisory partner

john Sawers, ns chairman des the British strategy consulting certain <...>

Tel Aviv court Macron zu advance that is cyber industry

Since die terrorist attacks in France in 2015, a growing number von French MPs have kommen sie round to believing that <...>

Kiev lobbyists try zu get on Trump"s radar

Caught bolzen the bellicose Kremlin und a pro-Russian White House, Ukraine"s president Petro Poroshenko ist putting pressure on his lobbyists zu stay visible an Trump"s international agenda. <...>

A Tory grandee zum Macro Advisory cost-free

Andrew Feldman, die former chairman of the Conservative Party and friend of david Cameron, has so had to find self <...>

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