Karl-Theodor Zu Guttenberg

Karl-Theodor kommen sie Guttenberg ist a conservative German politician who offered as Defense Minister prior to resigning due kommen sie plagiarism in his doctoral thesis.

Born in 1971 an Munich, Guttenberg is a member des the Bavarian christen Social gewerkschaftler (CSU). The served in the German parliament from 2002 to 2011 and rose kommen sie be the then-titled Economy and Technology Minister (2009) and Defense Minister (2009-2011). Thought about a increasing political star, he resigned native representative office an 2011 due to charges von plagiarism in his doctoral dissertation. Due to the fact that then, that has worked at die Center zum Strategic and International Studies, and worked together a consultant to businesses und the EU. This buchseite automatically compiles associated miyvue.com content.


Why do German politicians deswegen often stumble over Ph.D. Plagiarism allegations? 25.05.2021

Yet another German politician has actually resigned end allegedly plagiarizing your doctoral thesis. Who catches them out, and why is this a large deal in Germany?


CSU: Who could replace Bavaria"s king Horst? 24.11.2017

Bavaria"s premier and Christian Social gewerkschaftern leader horst Seehofer vowed to "fight prefer a lion" at the failed coalition talks. But that may have been his tonnage roar. Deshalb who"s waiting bei the wings zu replace him?


Academic arbeiten submitted von German minister of defense under scrutiny 26.09.2015

An online forum has questioned ns authenticity of Ursula von der Leyen"s scholastic dissertation. But the minister von defense has signaled the she would voluntarily cooperate with bei investigation into ns allegations.

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German ex-Education Minister Schavan loser plagiarism very nice 20.03.2014

Christian Democrat ein netz Schavan"s zuerst legal attempt to reclaim herstellung doctorate, stripped amid charges des plagiarism belastung year, has actually failed. The düsseldorf court supported the university"s stance, Schavan might appeal.


Senior social Democrat steinmeier facing plagiarism allegations 29.09.2013

One des the top members von Germany’s spanien has refuse allegations the he plagiarized part des his doctoral thesis. Frank-Walter Steinmeier is just the latest in a series von German politicians zu face together accusations.

The accidental victims 20.03.2013

Relatives von the victims of a fatal German-ordered airstrike an 2009 close to Kunduz bei Afghanistan are taking Germany zu court. The controversial attack killed plenty of civilians. A chronology von events:

Wanka appointed German education minister an wake des Schavan plagiarism scandal 14.02.2013

Johanna Wanka has been appointed together Germany’s new education minister. She replaces ein netz Schavan that stepped under after gift stripped of produziert doctorate weil das plagiarism.

German education and learning Minister Schavan resigns between plagiarism scandal 09.02.2013

Germany"s education and learning Minister annette Schavan has actually announced herstellung resignation. The plagiarism scandal is the second bei Chancellor angela Merkel"s Cabinet and comes just months ahead of the fall general elections.

No comeback for Germany"s previous minister von defense 20.01.2012

Germany"s charismatic previous minister des defense, Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg, will not be return to the political stage in the 2013 elections. He had resigned bei shame practically a year ago.

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Disgraced former minister Guttenberg explores return zu politics 08.01.2012

Former defense minister Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg is reportedly considering running together a candidate with ns Bavaria-based christen Social gewerkschaftern party in the 2013 houses of parliament elections.

Fallen minister Guttenberg called adviser to europäische union Commission 12.12.2011

Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg, who was forced out von Chancellor angela Merkel"s cabinet weil das plagiarizing parts of his doctoral thesis, has actually been given bei honorary post as in EU adviser zum Internet freedom.

Former defense minister dodges prosecution with charitable donation 23.11.2011

Bavarian aristocrat und former German defense minister Karl-Theodor kommen sie Guttenberg has actually paid 20,000 euros zu avoid beginning on charges des plagiarism. With die case dismissed, Guttenberg can stage a politics comeback.

Disgraced former minister Guttenberg returns zu public phase 20.11.2011

Germany"s disgraced previous Defense Minister Karl-Theodor kommen sie Guttenberg has actually returned to ns political stage, albeit much away an Canada. After die dodgy doctorate debacle, ist this the erste sign des a comeback?

Ex-Defense Minister Guttenberg set weil das move kommen sie US 16.08.2011

Former German Defense Minister Karl-Theodor kommen sie Guttenberg - as soon as touted as a future German chancellor - ist moving to the United States following a damaging plagiarism scandal that saw him resign, a newspaper claims.

Online plagiarism hunters monitor doctoral frauds 17.05.2011

The current revelations des plagiarism über prominent Germans wouldn"t be possible without ns diligent work of bei online neighborhood called PlagiPedi. They"re working to restore the reputation of German doctoral titles.

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German niederdrücken review: Guttenberg"s "smug nonchalance" rightly punished 06.05.2011

Media outlets in Germany were practically unanimous that karl Theodor zu Guttenberg gott his just deserts zum plagiarizing his dissertation. They were divided, however, over the political future des the beleaguered baron.