Karriere Bei Der Agentur Für Arbeit

With united state you can further develop your professional knowledge und take advantage of interesting, age-independent job opportunities. Us offer freundin a broad range von career prospects, arbeit security and many extras.We prepare you individually zum new tasks. Your commitment ist worthwhile: in addition zu interesting tasks, special supplies await you.

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We offer you a considerable personnel advancement system for the individual design of her career. You kann sein assume obligation with us and can be sure that your talents will be promoted. Weil das us, personnel development way recognising her potential and developing the further bei a targeted manner. Kommen sie grow through us!

Permeable job paths? This is also what ns BA offers. Ours competence model enables you to advance zu high level - regardless des the access route to the BA. Learning an a peaceful atmosphere at a high level von quality zu sein a matter of course for us. A vast variety von seminars und workshops take it place in our 12 educational und conference infrastructure throughout Germany. Premises with high-quality technological equipment as well as a friendly und extensive on-site support room included. Us offer sie a total des over 500 different training courses, native seminars kommen sie e-learning, which, depending upon your job, make it easier zum you to familiarise you yourself with the subject matter, or provide freundin with methodological support.


With us you kann combine family, private life und professional life. We market you flexible working time models und forms of work together as functioning from home. Us are deshalb happy zu support you in the organisation von child treatment or die care of relatives.

Get back bei after a household time? weil das example, we accompany the return kommen sie work through:

career re-entry programs proceeding education v child care or part-time online learning from home Seminars deshalb during parental leave

Lifelong learning zu sein very important to us. We also ensure that die transition kommen sie retirement ist a success. Us appreciate und use die knowledge des our competent employees: through learning sponsorships, internal coach activities as well as ns support des project work.


We promote equal opportunities zum all our employees - in particular equality betwee men and women. Through us, both men and women kann achieve equal rights and partnership weist work and bei the family. Us regularly receive awards zum our personnel policy. One des our goals is to attract frau to the top und top administration positions.

Equal pay zum equal arbeit - this also means same opportunities for us. It"s not your sex that counts, it"s what you do.


We promote the inclusion des people with disabilities und severe disabilities. Ours employment rate zum people with significant disabilities consistently exceeds nine percent.

We integrate world with disabilities v a variety des services, such as:

disability-specific functioning time models and alternative forms von work workplaces suitable for the disabled, e.g. Zum people that cannot see, have limited mobility und have restricted mobility barrier-free the procedures, information und training files

The commonwealth Employment firm promotes and develops the potential of people with disabilities. We are glücklich to apply details competences the have deshalb been acquired in dealing through a disability. Zum example, us employ countless severely handicapped employees in consulting and placement.With her special understanding you tun können support severely disabled people und people who are to be reintegrated into experienced life.

Our (welcome) culture ist characterised von openness und mutual appreciation. People from 98 various nations currently arbeiten at die Federal employment Agency.

We support this, zum example, through a non-discriminatory, competence-based an option process. We so conduct employee surveys on equal opportunities and publish publication on cultural diversity.

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We want you zu remain healthy, committed und efficient in the lang term. With mutual appreciation and employee-oriented management, us create an excellent working relationships und working conditions. We as such offer our employee a wide range von programs und measures an corporate health and wellness management.

In addition zu its own career pages, die Federal Employment agency (BA) is also represented on other platforms on the Internet. You can get in impression of the arbeit at the BA from various perspectives - it is in it through video or interviews v employees that report top top their täglich work.

Ausbildung.de: here you möchte find all necessary die info on the admission requirements und contents von our maintain courses and dual examine programmes. Sie will also find interviews v trainees und students and our at this time advertised training and study ar offers.

durchstaaten.de: below you kann get an overview of the possibilities in the public sector.

kununu.com: here you tun können find the end about the experiences des former and active employees.

trainee-geflüster.de: ~ above this platform, trainees und trainers report ~ above our management trainee program.

whatchado.com: bei video interviews through our employee you kann learn more about ns diverse employment opportunities at die BA.

wir-sind-bund.de: Applicants with a migrant background tun können complete an initial cultivate course. Here you wollen find all the info you need.

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xing.com: Our employee presence bei XING keeps freundin regularly notified about news about ns BA.