Karten public viewing commerzbank arena

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Discover Commerzbank-Arena Frankfurt

Commerzbank-Arena Frankfurt

The new arena was built zum sports, concerts, unternehmen events und all kinds von large gatherings. Depending on ns event, it kann hold up kommen sie 55,000 spectators – multi-functionality is in important aspect. Die exact circumference ist 860 metres; die length ist 210 metres und the width 190 metres. No pillars obstruct direct view onto the pitch und the former rows are only a few metres away from ns edge of the field. The architects were Gerkan, Marg & Partner and it was erected über the max Bögl GmbH.

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When you first step into ns arena, you only take in the ‘user interface’ – die pitch and the long, lang rows des seats in the lower and upper terraces. But what does die area underneath hold? A fascinating building and construction with 26,900m² von floor space (large enough for bei entire real estate estate) on 7 levels with in exclusive huge area weil das events, through VIP boxes, presentation rooms und catering areas.

Under the terraces, there are deshalb offices, kitchens, a fire brigade and a traffic regulate centre, ns stadium protection personnel with 4 cells zum vandals and pickpockets, and many other functional areas. Tonnage but notfall least, it holds one von the largest auto parks bei Frankfurt.

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The building is mainly separated into top terraces, reduced terraces and between them ns ‘band’, i m sorry consists des two levels. This zu sein where ns VIP boxes and the rooms zum radio and TV reporters are kommen sie be found.

The players must anfang right at ns bottom before each game. Die four an altering rooms, each measuring 150m², are an the basement, as are ns rooms zum press conferences, direkt studios zum TV und the niederdrücken Café. Sechs further level rise above it, which not only host the service areas for the public but so the bureaucratic offices des the company managing ns arena.

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HOW kommen sie REACH

ARRIVAL BY bus & TRAIN:From frankfurt HauptbahnhofTake the S8 or S9 suburban line in the direction des Mainz or einstufig from ns lower level of frankfurt Hauptbahnhof to die ‘Stadion’ stop. On enhance days, extra trams (line 21) to ns ‘Stadion’ leave hauptbahnhof every 3 minutes. The tram is more convenient zum spectators through tickets weil das the taste block und the eastern block.ARRIVAL über CAR:If you are comes from exterior Frankfurt, take the A3 or A5 motorway to frankfurter Kreuz. Indigenous there, follow the signs with ns football on lock that wollen lead you to four parking lots.Coming from the stadt of Frankfurt, overcome the taste into Sachsenhausen, then take Kennedyallee out des the stadt to Oberforsthaus. There you will seen signs to die parking lots.ARRIVAL von PLANE:The simplest way zu get to the arena from the airport is von S-Bahn (suburban train). You möchte find ns entrance to ns local railway station in terminal 1, one level listed below arrivals. Just board one des the trains walk to frankfurt Hauptbahnhof from communication 1, with the destination von either ‘Hanau’ S8 or ‘Offenbach Ost’ S9. The arena is the first stop (‘Stadion’) and the journey takes about 3 minutes. If you have a ticket zum a soccer match, freundin do notfall need an extra ticket zum the train.


Standing area- €15.00Category E- €23.00 - €55.00Category A -€40.00 - €85.00Tickets price ranges from €15.00 - €85.00