Kate spade sex and the city

The fashion on Sex and the stadt was bold and groundbreaking. Many des the outfits appeared over ns top during SATC’s original run, so it has kommen sie as a surprise exactly how well many von the purses have aged.

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We (we=me und my mom) scoffed wie man Samantha schemed end a $4,000 Birkin und when Carrie threw shade at a mugger who demanded she hand over her bag—it’s a Baguette freundin guys! But, in 2019, this every seems relatively normal. Room we all nur getting an ext extra early out to the cyclical nature of fashion? Or go SATC irrevocably change ns rules weil das purse lovers everywhere? I oase no idea, and neither does my mom, but i couldn"t help but wonder: whereby are ns purses that SATC presented into the cultural lexicon now?


That louis Vuitton weirdness Jennifer Hudson carried in the SATC movie

Jennifer Hudson zu sein a national treasure, and while her character’s bag choices in the SATC movie were certainly not zum the faint of heart, ich approve. Produziert character took on ns role des Carrie’s assistant and then *sniffle* friend. She favored some fringed Chanel und a bonkers louis Vuitton denim patchwork confection, both rentals. She finally got a louis of produziert own wie Carrie gave herstellung a Motard Firebird as a say thanks to you and goodbye gift.

I hated this bag wie man I zuerst saw it, but the years have made me look at upon this odd development a wenig more kindly. This zu sein one SATC purse that seems to oase slid into obscurity zum now weist least, und it’s to be years since die bag has been seen.

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Carrie"s horse Head

This one zu sein a bit odd, however it somehow looks fantastic through Carrie"s outfit. HBO auctioned turn off many von Carrie"s outfits online during SATC"s original run, and this horse head purse sold zum $500 much more than what costume designer Patricia field paid.

These days ns decapitated pet look is going solid (example: Gucci"s Mickey computer mouse head purse, which i will never stop talk about), and the original designer Timmy Woods is blieb at it: his website features many Santa claus head purses that quickly escalate an terms von creepiness, and the steed head zu sein available too. Not going zu lie, I"m considering it.

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Miranda’s streng Rhythm Messenger Bag

This bag ist most likely in the trash, or perhaps that’s nur wishful thinking on my part. Sorry, Miranda, i love freundin but I’m notfall sure why lock made sie wear that.