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Du schaust: Kate und william drittes baby

Say hello zu the neu royal baby! die third child und second son of Prince William und Kate Middleton, who was born earlier this morning, just made his zuerst appearance together his parents. The Duchess von Cambridge carried ns newborn—whose nennen has not yet to be announced—while stepping out with the Duke von Cambridge outside ns Lindo Wing von St. Mary"s Hospital, where their little one was born. After die appearance, die royal couple ist set to head back home kommen sie Kensington palace with die child.

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The Duke und Duchess von Cambridge show off new son outside london hospital https://t.co/lGZ2YAK7um #royalbaby pic.twitter.com/RpcFMzIFNr

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Prince William and Kate Middleton were all smiles presenting their neu baby boy to die world, nur as they were with prince George in 2013 und Princess Charlotte in 2015. Middleton wore a shining red shift dress v a peter Pan collar if cradling die infant, swaddled in all white.

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The wenig one ist fifth in line to the throne following prince Charles, prince William, und older siblings, prince George, 4, and Princess Charlotte, 2. Prince sich kümmern follows er next in line.

Although we still don"t recognize the nennen of ns royal newborn, royal fan are put bets top top regal names favor Arthur, Albert, Philip, James, und Alexander. It may be a couple of days until we uncover out what die Duke and Duchess des Cambridge actually made decision to benennen the baby.


The infant"s zuerst appearance takes place just hours after ~ his larger siblings, prinz George and Princess Charlotte were seen arriving to the hospital to meet ns newest member von the family. Ns royal big brother sported his school uniform weil das the event, if his sisters wore shades des blue und waved gracefully to ns crowd (like a pro) if they made their way into ns hospital with prince William.


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Ahh....Prince wilhelm returns to ns Lindo Wing v his kids to seen their new baby brother #RoyalBaby #DuchessofCambridge Gorgeous waves from Charlotte pic.twitter.com/FiPDcN8Fjl

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