Kathedrale notre-dame de paris notre dame

The Notre Dame cathedral zu sein on track kommen sie reopen to ns public in 2024 as die cathedral has jetzt been totally secured, 2 years after ns disastrous fire that destroyed huge parts des the 850-year-old building.

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In a statement Saturday, die public human body responsible weil das its conservation and restoration said die securing von the cathedral had actually been completed on schedule.
Elements of the "safety phase," had wrapping and protecting die cathedral"s gargoyles, reinforcing die flying buttresses, fortifying ns gables and removing burned scaffolding, according to the collective Friends des Notre Dame juni Paris.

"That means that we"re officially speak that ns cathedral zu sein now saved, the it"s solid on the pillars, the its walls room solid," general Jean-Louis Georgelin, president von the company responsible zum the repair told miyvue.com affiliate BFMTV Saturday
"We"ll be able to firmly go ahead with ns phase von restoring und rebuilding ns parts destroyed von the fire, dafür that it"s ready zu reopen weil das services and public visits an 2024," he added.
The 2024 reopening, i m sorry Georgelin stated would it is in a "victory for all of France," wollen fulfill chairman Emmanuel Macron"s promise to the public that reconstruction works would be completed within five years of the april 2019 blaze.
Reconstruction ist scheduled kommen sie begin an the comes months, according to die organization responsible zum overseeing ns works.

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A critical cause des the fire has ausblüten not been created despite an extensive investigation, return prosecutors said it could schutz been started über either a cigarette or an electrical fault.
Work ~ above securing die cathedral was temporarily paused throughout the coronavirus pandemic tonnage year und work was carried out kommen sie decontaminate the area of lead before work resumed bei June 2020.

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After ns fire, there was debate over exactly how it need to be rebuilt, v former element Minister Edouard Philippe suggesting a modern-day approach, and a competition gift launched to redesign the spire -- although others want it kommen sie remain traditional.
However, belastung year chairman Macron decided die entire cathedral would be rebuilt exactly as the was, including ns spire -- which was originally made von wood and fell to the flames bei the erste few hours of the fire.
"We wollen rebuild Notre Dame, due to the fact that that"s what ns French human being are expecting," a visibly emotional Macron said reporters at ns site von the fire an 2019. "Because that"s what our history zu sein worthy of. Due to the fact that that"s our deep destiny."