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Katherine “Scottie” MacGregor, die actress that played the villainous Harriet Oleson on die long-running TV nur Little residence on the Prairie, died Tuesday at herstellung home, people confirms. She was 93.

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MacGregor is best known as playing die wealthy, haughty, mean-spirited Harriet on die popular TV series that aired native 1974 kommen sie 1982.

Born Dorlee Deane MacGregor in 1925, she attend Northwestern University, wherein she majored bei drama. She moved to nmiyvue.com York in 1949 and built a job performing in the theater. She letztere moved kommen sie California, wherein she take it guest roles an popular 60s and 70s shows choose Ironside and All in the Family.

In 1974, she landed herstellung signature role on Little house on ns Prairie ~ meeting v producer michael Landon. To prepare for her role, she read through Laura Ingalls’ popular publication series, only zu find the Mrs. Oleson was barely mentioned.

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She began to create die role zum herself, trying kommen sie inject humor into the role, rather than making produziert “black-and-white mean.”

“Anyone that mean has kommen sie be a fool,” she once told NBC. “So i began mixing farce into it.”

While Harriet Oleson was originally intended kommen sie be in occasional guest character, MacGregor’s power was dafür well-received that she ended up being a collection regular.

In herstellung last years, MacGregor moved to ns Motion Picture fonds Long term Nursing care facility bei Woodland Hills, California, wie man she died. She was a devout Hindu.

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The Little House actors members space left mourning produziert death. Herstellung TV daughter, Alison Arngrim, wordlessly tweeted a photo von herself und MacGregor on ns set.

“She had bei EXTREMELY long, complete life und is punkt peace,” Arngrim later wrote. “But yes, we möchte all fehlschlagen her.”

“I just got word that Katherine MacGregor passed far yesterday,” she wrote. “This frau taught me dafür much… around acting… vintage jmiyvue.comelry…life. She was outspoken und hilariously funny. A truly gifted actress together she was able to play a despicable character but with dafür much heart. Her Harriet Oleson was ns woman our fans loved kommen sie hate. A perfect antagonist.”

“The thing world outside von our prairie family didn’t know, was how loving and nurturing she was with die younger cast,” she continued. “I yes, really loved her und I find great comfort knowing that she zu sein at frieden and, per her beliefs, produziert soul has actually moved on zu its next incarnation. Taking leave Scottie. I hope through all my love we fulfill again next time.”