Katy perry i kissed a girl

In this das lied Perry dips produziert toes into die experimental sea wie she kisses a mädchen after a night von clubbing (drinks space involved). She admits to liking it, yet it isn"t noþeles meaningful, and besides, she has a boyfriend - just another crazy club night. Ns Californian has drawn criticism from some quarters zum targeting a young audience through a song about bisexual experimentation.It was Perry"s zuerst single, yet she had zu convince herstellung record company zu release it, as they didn"t also want it on die album punkt first. Perry explained bei 2010, "I was really excited zu put that out since it was such a fun lied that could be both silly and mean something zu someone. It was a subject matter that was on ns tip von everyone"s tongue hinweisen that moment, deshalb it was kind of prefer a snapshot des things that were happening an 2008."
In in interview with ns Ventura kreis Star, Perry claimed this song ist all about exploration und female bonding. She said: "There"s nur a magical beauty that frau hold that can definitely slay men of all kinds. If Angelina Jolie, Natalie Portman or Gisele Bündchen go into die room, everybody would certainly watch."
Perry came hoch with the chorus zum this das lied a year and a hilfreich before she recorded it. It went unfinished until a session with Dr. Luke whereby she decided zu complete it.

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Perry told ns Observer Music Monthly that this song is about drunken curiosity, not as some oase interpreted it, a call zu change sexual orientation. She explained: "I"m talking about die way girls space really touchy-feely und sisterly. Especially wie we"re cultivation up. We"re holding hands, we"re having sleepovers, we"re act choreographed sprung moves bei our pajamas, we"re painting each other"s nails and practicing kissing on our eight - or possibly practicing kissing top top one another. That wasn"t miscellaneous that us were doing zum the sake des anybody else because we to be scared of boys. Ich know i was scared des boys! My zuerst kiss was with a boy, and he virtually swallowed me alive. Ich wish ich had kissed that girl I had ns girl-crush ~ above when ich was growing up. Ich would oase been much more prepared zum my date life, ich think."
This was also the longest-running #1 über a female artist having produziert debut hit because Ciara"s "Goodies" topped ns Hot 100 zum seven weeks in September-October 2004.

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Kinga Burza, that directed the song"s video, said MTV nachrichten that originally the promo was set bei a hotel room but due to budget concerns and tight time constraints the location was switched. Rather it was filmed bei a 1970s castle in the hollywood Hills that has regularly been used as ns setting "for pornos und horror films."Burza explained in the same interview why fairly than acquisition a literal technique to the song"s lyrics, she used die video to nur off Perry"s charisma. She said: "I just really want to oase Katy performing, whilst gift surrounded by loads of really sexy girls. Von course, ich didn"t want to feature them auch much, as ns video was all around Katy, and for me, it was more about insinuating and being suggestive v sexy human body shapes und silhouettes. That was not evident or distasteful. Die song"s lyrics are enough. Us don"t desire female teenagers all over ns world pashing every other because they watch up to Katy Perry!"
Katy Perry"s friend at die time, Gym klasse Heroes frontmann Travie McCoy, told MTV nachrichten about ns time he zuerst heard this song. He recalled: "When she was recording produziert record she"d send me songs, and when us were making our document I"d send herstellung songs. Deshalb she sent me a demo of "I Kissed a Girl," und we were on tour, and I was playing it throughout our changeover, just watching die kids react. Deswegen she come out kommen sie one von our shows, and the song came out und she flipped out, like, "What are you doing playing that?" und I took herstellung to ns side von the stage so she can watch die crowd react. Und now, well, she"s huge."
This won die award zum Best Pop song at ns 35th People"s selection Awards, held on january 7, 2009. A few days later it won the Virgin Media Music award for Best Track.

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Perry revealed kommen sie Q zeitschrift March 2009 that the lyrics are around a real-life girl. She explained: "The lied was inspired von a friendship i had with a mädchen when i was 15, but i didn"t kiss her. I was totally obsessed v her. She was beautiful-porcelain skin, perfect lips - und I ausblüten talk zu her, however I"ve never ever told her the song is about her."
Perry called Billboard magazine that the das lied almost didn"t do it on die album. She said: "There was some worry at die top, but i just permit them sit with die song and they came around. They chosen it deswegen much, the became the (first official) single."
Reflecting ~ above this song bei 2013, Perry told entertainment Weekly: "I think that worked due to the fact that it was a zeitgeist idea. Everyone was talking about bisexuality und experimenting. 보다 all des a suddenly you schutz a soundtrack."
Perry performed this das lied with Lenny Kravitz weist halftime von the 2015 Super key (the one where die Patriots beat the Seahawks top top a late interception). ~ Perry presented Kravitz, he started singing the song, i beg your pardon takes ~ above a different meaning when sung from a masculine perspective. Perry joined in, Kravitz play a guitar solo (although his werkzeug was unplugged), und then Katy moved on to ns next ar of herstellung performance.Anyone difficult around weist halftime to lakers Kravitz was disappointed zu see him relegated zu a sideman role, there is no getting to play even one of his own lieder (the "surprise guest" Missy Elliott play bits of three of herstellung songs). Having er sing "I Kissed A Girl" seemed favor a way kommen sie disguise die true meaning von the song for any viewers who might oase been offended.
The song was partly inspired by Scarlett Johansson. When the actress was informed von this during an interview through Allure, she responded: "That"s flattering, yet my lips are kind of taken." (Johansson had nur married actor Ryan Reynolds at die time).She added, "I had no idea. I should gain a cut!"
Speaking ~ above 103.5 KTU"s Cubby and Carolina an the Morning in a 2017 interview, Miley Cyrus declared she was ns subject des the song."Katy Perry, she"s to be a friend of mine weil das a really lang time. Us were actually nur realizing the other work that next year, we"ll have been friends for 10 years. Ich think that"s my friend that I"ve known die longest, which ist really, really weird," Cyrus said. "When she come out with "I Kissed a Girl," ich was doing ns Hannah montana movie, and I heard produziert on die radio, they said, "Who"d you write the about?" and she stated me."