Keinen Bock Mehr Auf Arbeit

In this episode: Bock ist a male goat. And it"s a yes, really useful, super common word in colloquial German. Today, we"ll discover out why und what "Hast freundin Bock" and "kein Bock" average :)


der Bock, Bock machen, Bock haben, verbocken, Bockbier, Bock in Bier,...

Du schaust: Keinen bock mehr auf arbeit

Hello everyone,

and welcome to our German Word von the Day. This time we’ll take a look at the meaning of

der Bock

Bock originally comes from die animal kingdom und there are comparable words transparent all german languages. Die English counterpart is buck. Now, I am not an expert in uh … i think it’s referred to as ‘animal botany’… but ich think the German Bock ist refers mainly kommen sie a male goat… also know as he-goat. Wait… he-goat? zu sein that a joke? No? five there ist he-cat too? does that typical that I tun können say he-cow or he-snake? Or he-woman? Or even he-man v the energie of notfall one however 2 swo…. Aaaaanywaaaaays.

So, Bock von itself ist a male goat but it kann be supplied a few other animals too such together Rehbock (roebuck) or Steinbock, which is both, ns animal and the zodiac sign).

“Was bist freundin für’n Sternzeichen.” “Ich morgen Steinbock.”“What zodiac sign are you?” “I’m a Capricorn.”

Now, what’s amazing about Bock is the fact the German ist using die word weil das quite a number of other things…. Nur like it did with the word der Vogel. I don’t know about other languages but seems kommen sie me that German really likes using pet names. So… let’s start looking hinweisen all die different meanings.

In gymnastics klasse a Bock kann be a nightmare weil das people. It was weil das me. Run in the direction of it, run on ns spring board und then smash against it und sprain your ankle… oh die horror. What I am talking about is the vaulting steed (some pictures) and the leap over it is called Bocksprung (leapfrog). Now, ich never construed what the point des Bocksprung is because ich NEVER jump over stuff the way an daily life … but what ich do know zu sein the purpose von the following Bock.

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You need it if sie want kommen sie work with wood or metal und again, just like with die sports-Bock, English ist using ns word horse weil das it… der (Säge)bock is ns sawing equine (some pictures). Now… i know the these 2 Bocks are already incredibly fascinating and you can’t wait to get out und use them bei conversation but there is in even an ext useful Bock.

Bock ist a colloquial ax for die Lust an sense of desire or appetite. Why walk Bock typical that? Well, some insurance claim that this one comes from Rothwelsh und it was a Romani word zum hunger (bokh) so it has nothing to do with the animal. My etymological dictionary, however, argues a various origin which kann be summarized prefer this (the persons talk are the common conscious von all Germans von different centuries)

“A Bock is and shall always be a male goat.”

“Hey…uhm… I oase a funny idea. I have observed that male goats want zu mate with female goats fairly often deswegen let’s call a man with a beard who constantly wants kommen sie mate with females a Bock

“That’s cool… hey how around we say the lust of such a man ist a Bock… deswegen he has Bock.”

“Oh that sounds groovy… let’s it is in crazy and just notfall care what the man wants or that it’s a man to start with… let’s nur always say that we oase Bock if we desire something.”

And that’s whereby we room today. Bock haben zu sein a an extremely very really frequently used way to say to desire something.

Ich hab’ Bock auf’n Bier.I want a beer.

So… is Bock slang? the answer ist a clear no.

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Bock probably used kommen sie be limited to school yards while the parents would usage Lust in all those examples but not anymore. Lust sounds dafür … behaved. Bock has made rather a career and it ist now pretty common. Die young Left provides it a lot:

there are books with it bei the title:

and it zu sein used an a (stupid) advertisement zum a large ass electro chain:

Even a whole generation ist named after ns “I don’t care”-attitude they display screen – ns Null-Bock-Generation. by the way… null Bock literally method zero desire or not interested and opposite excessive would it is in voll Bockyou can’t speak viel Bock. Why not? Pshhhh, why should i care. So… I’d say we could contact this “I want to“-Bock commonly accepted über now. You shouldn’t use it when you’re talking v your professor or with die police an any formal situation but with friends it’s all right. Also my mommy says it every now und then. Und my mom ist usually very very mom. Now, all die examples deshalb far were fairly short… deswegen here zu sein a longer one.

“Warum bist du denn deshalb sauer?” “Ich hab’ halt einfach mal reicht keinen Bock drauf, dass ich wie letztes mal die ganze Präsentation alleine vorbereite und du nachher schön mit ns 1 rausmarschierst ohne irgendwas gemacht zu haben.”“Why on earth are you dafür mad?” “Well, ich simply schutz absolutely no desire to do die whole presentation alone like belastung time and then freundin waltz out of class with an A without having actually done a thing.”

What’s that? oh no no.. This ist real… this ist how people talk. We perform use THAT numerous particles an one sentence. I’d also say that i use the combination “halt einfach mal genug keinen Bock fairly often… but ich don’t want anfang talking about particles… you tun können just take die whole thing und say it kommen sie a German friend and maybe they it is in be baffled über how genuine you sound :). Now, prior to we get kommen sie the tonnage Bock und some other Bock-words, we have to take a rapid look at die grammar. You have probably i found it that i always used die preposition auf in ns examples. Nur like Lust or Appetit, Bock only works with auf or through a zu-construction … deswegen … here are ns 3 possible: