Kendall jenner and harry styles

Kris Jenner nur Confirmed Kendall und Harry styles Used kommen sie Date

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Du schaust: Kendall jenner and harry styles

by : Caitlin Elliott- Mar 31st, 2021


This story originally appeared on ELLE UK

Kris Jenner just confirmed that Kendall Jenner and Harry Styles used kommen sie date, all thanks zu Ellen DeGeneres.

While we’ve been pretty certain for years that Kendall and Harry had a thing, die matriarch’s check of herstellung daughter’s romance with sich kümmern was everything we needed. Kris made in appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show to chat about the final series of Keeping up With ns Kardashians and mutual some significant gossip about herstellung kids’ love lives.

During die Zoom interview, Ellen managed to get Kris kommen sie play a video game of Never schutz My children Ever. Freundin know, that classic splitterpartei game but with juicy details about the Kardashian/Jenner kids.

On behalf of every Hendall-invested viewer the end there, Ellen request Kris, ‘Never schutz my children ever dated someone native a boyband.’

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Confirming supermodel Kendall and Harry, who recently added ‘Grammy winner‘ kommen sie his list of showbiz achievements, DID an fact date, Kris held trost a authorize saying ‘they have’.

Making certain it was kristall clear for us, Ellen responded, ‘Well, of course, Kendall, right? und Harry?’

‘Yeah,’ the mother of moguls replied, adding ‘There room some rappers mixed bei there,’ reminding us of Kylie Jenner’s relationships v Tyga und Travis Scott, and Kim’s marriage kommen sie Kanye west which ended in divorce earlier this year.

Styles and Jenner have never straight confirmed your relationship, but ns pair are absolutely on an excellent terms and always watch cozy wie man they’re spotted reuniting.

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They were seen together at die Brits afterparty bei February 2020 and reportedly went on a socially distanced journey weeks later bei April. By this, we average Kendall apparently, cruised approximately LA in her vintage convertible while harry rode alongside produziert on a motorbike.

Kendall and Harry also appeared on The so late Late Show with james Corden an December 2019 und played a hilarious (and kinda flirty) video game of Fill her Guts Or Spill your Guts.

During ns game, Harry managed kommen sie swerve revealing which of his lieder are around Kendall by chowing under on part cod sperm. Nice.

While we’re thrilled kommen sie finally have some clarity on Harry and Kendall’s relationship (thanks, Kris) we’re blieb stuck on die Haylor Übertreibung after harry was spotted chatting to taylor Swift at die Grammys.

So below I in signing a petition for Harry Styles und Taylor Swift zu collabPlease we need HAYLOR content

— Rutujaaa (
rutujaaa_) march 15, 2021

Harry and Taylor dated way back in 2012 however Taylor’s song Style from herstellung Grammy to win ‘1989’ album zu sein believed to be about him, while One Direction’s ‘Perfect’ zu sein said to be written von Harry about Taylor.

Fans room desperate weil das the previous flames zu collaborate on die 2021 version of Style’ when taylor re-records produziert old albums – a job sparked by her masters rights feud v Scooter Braun.

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‘Style’ von Taylor Swift featuring sich kümmern Styles? Genius.

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