Kennwort beim start ausschalten windows 10

There room some common two-step verification difficulties that seem to happen much more frequently 보다 any von us would like. We"ve put together this article to describe fixes zum the most typical problems.

Du schaust: Kennwort beim start ausschalten windows 10

Your Azure active Directory (Azure AD) organization kann turn on two-step verification for your account. Wie two-step verification is on, her account sign-in calls for a combination of the following data:

Your user name

Your password

A mobile an equipment or phone

Two-step verification is more certain than nur a password, due to the fact that two-step verification needs something you know plus other you have. No hacker has actually your physical phone.

Important: If you"re in administrator, you can find more info about how kommen sie set up und manage your Azure advertisement environment bei the Azure ad documentation.

This content kann help sie with your arbeiten or institution account, which is the account provided kommen sie you über your company (for example, dritan If you"re having troubles with two-step verification on a mitarbeiter account, i m sorry is in account that freundin set up zum yourself (for example, danielle, see Turning two-step verification ~ above or off zum your account.

I don"t oase my mobile device with me

It happens. Sie left her mobile device punkt home, und now freundin can"t usage your phone zu verify who freundin are. Maybe you previously added bei alternative method to sign an to her account, such as v your office phone. If so, you kann use this alternative method now. If you never added in alternative verification method, you can contact your organization"s aid desk for assistance.

Sign in to her account however select the Sign an another way link ~ above the Two-factor verification page.


If you don"t see the Sign in another way link, it method that freundin haven"t set trost any various other verification methods. You"ll have to call your administrator zum help signing right into your account.

Choose your alternate verification method, und continue with ns two-step verification process.

I can"t revolve two-step confirmation off

If you"re using two-step verification through your arbeiten or institution account, it many likely way that her organization has decided freundin must use this included security feature. There ist no way zum you zu individually rotate it off.

My device was lost or stolen

If you"ve lost or had your mobile maker stolen, you tun können take either of the adhering to actions:

Sign an using a different method.

Ask your organization"s aid desk to clear your settings.

We strongly recommend letting your organization"s help desk know if her phone was lost or stolen. Die Help desk kann make the appropriate updates zu your account. After your settings are cleared, you"ll be prompted to register weil das two-factor verification the next time freundin sign in.

I"m notfall receiving die verification password sent zu my mobile device

Not receiving your verification code zu sein a common problem. The problem is frequently related to your cell phone device und its settings. Here are some suggestions that you tun können try.



Use die authenticator app or verification codes

You are getting “You"ve struggle our border on confirmation calls” or “You’ve fight our limit on text verification codes” verfehlt messages throughout sign-in. may limit recurring authentication do the efforts that are perform von the very same user bei a quick period of time. This limitation does notfall apply to ns Authenticator or confirmation code. If you schutz hit this limits, you kann use die Authenticator App, confirmation code or try kommen sie sign bei again in a couple of minutes.

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You are getting "Sorry, we"re having actually trouble verifying her account" error message throughout may limit or block voice or sms authentication make the efforts that are performed von the exact same user, call number, or organization due kommen sie high number of failed voice or botschaft authentication attempts. If sie are suffering this error, you tun können try another method, such as Authenticator app or confirmation code, or with out kommen sie your admin zum

Restart her mobile device

Sometimes her device nur needs a refresh. Wie you restart her device, all background processes und services space ended. Ns restart so shuts down ns core components des your device. Any dienstleistungen or component ist refreshed wie you restart your device.

Verify that your security die info is correct

Make sure your security verification method info is accurate, specifically your phone numbers. If you put an the wrong phone number, all des your alerts will go to that incorrect number. Fortunately, the user won"t it is in able kommen sie do noþeles with die alerts, yet it also won"t help freundin sign in to your account. Zu make sure your info is correct, see the instructions bei the Manage her two-factor verification technique settings article.

Verify the your notifications space turned on

Make certain your mobile an equipment has notifications rotate on. Ensure the following notice modes space allowed:

Phone calls

Your authentication app

Your text messaging app

Ensure these modes create in alert that is visible on her device.

Make certain you oase a device signal and Internet connection

Make certain your phone calls und text message are getting through kommen sie your mobile device. Oase a freund call you and send you a buchstabe message to make sure sie receive both. If you don"t receive die call or text, erste check to make sure your cell phone device ist turned on. If your device is turned on, yet you"re blieb not receiving die call or text, there"s most likely a belästigt with your network. You"ll need zu talk to your provider. If sie often oase signal-related problems, us recommend sie install and use the Authenticator app on her mobile device. Die authenticator app can create random security codes weil das sign-in, there is no requiring any type of cell signal or internet connection.

Turn turn off Do not disturb

Make sure freundin haven"t turn on the Do not disturb feature zum your mobile device. When this feature ist turned on, notifications aren"t allowed to alert sie on your mobile device. Refer zu your cell phone device"s manual weil das instructions around how kommen sie turn turn off this feature.

Unblock phone numbers

In die United States, voice calls indigenous come from die following numbers: +1 (866) 539 4191, +1 (855) 330 8653, und +1 (877) 668 6536.

Check her battery-related settings

If freundin set your battery optimization to stop less frequently used apps from remaining active in the background, your notification system has most likely been affected. Shot turning turn off battery optimization zum both her authentication app and your messaging app. Then try to sign an to her account again.

Disable third-party security apps

Some phone defense apps block text messages und phone call from annoying unknown callers. A security anwendung might protect against your phone from receiving die verification code. Try disabling any kind of third-party protection apps on her phone, and then request that one more verification password be sent.

I"m not being prompted zum my 2nd verification information

You sign bei to your arbeit or college account über using your user name und password. Next sie should be prompted zum your extr security confirmation information. If sie are not prompted, maybe freundin haven"t yet set nach oben your device. Your mobile device must be collection up kommen sie work through your specific additional defense verification method.

Maybe you haven"t set trost your maker yet. Her mobile an equipment has kommen sie be collection up zu work with your specific additional security verification method. Weil das the steps kommen sie make your mobile machine available zu use v your verification method, see Manage her two-factor verification technique settings. If freundin know that you haven"t set hoch your machine or her account yet, you kann sein follow ns steps in the Set nach oben my account zum two-step verification article.

I have a neu phone number und I want to add it

If you have a neu phone number, you"ll need zu update your protection verification method details. This allows your verification prompts kommen sie go to ns right location. Kommen sie update your confirmation method, follow die steps bei the Add or readjust your call number section des the Manage your two-factor verification technique settings article.

I oase a neu mobile device and I want to add it

If you schutz a neu mobile device, you"ll need zu set it up zu work through two-factor verification. This zu sein a multi-step solution:

Set trost your device to work with your account von following the steps an the Set up my account zum two-step verification article.

Optional steps:

I"m having troubles signing bei on my mobile device while traveling

You might find it an ext difficult kommen sie use a mobile device-related verification method, prefer a buchstabe messaging, if you"re in in international location. It"s also possible the your cell phone device kann sein cause you to incur roaming charges. Zum this situation, we recommend sie use ns Authenticator app, v the auswahl to connect kommen sie a Wi-Fi hot spot. Zum more information about how kommen sie set up ns Authenticator apps on her mobile device, see the Download und install die Authenticator app article.

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I can"t gain my app passwords to work

App passwords change your normalerweise password zum older desktop applications the don"t assistance two-factor verification. First, make sure sie typed ns password correctly. If the doesn"t fix it, shot creating a new anwendung password zum the app. Execute this by creating the app passwords using ns My Apps portal as described in Manage apps passwords for two-step verification.

I can"t rotate off two-factor verification

If you"re using two-factor verification with your arbeiten or college account (for example, alain