Keshia knight pulliam ella grace hartwell exclusively reports that Ed Hartwell’s fight zum custody over his and actress Keshia article Pulliam’s daughter has ended with his request for an appeal being denied.

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According to court documents derived by miyvue.comthe Court des Appeals des the State des Georgia denied Ed Hartwell’s application for a discretionary appeal previously this month.

Earlier this year, ed Hartwell reportedly appealed a ruling that gave ns Cosby Show stern primary custody des their two-year-old daughter Ella grace Hartwell, in addition to child support. He deshalb appealed a ahead court order i m sorry denied ihm a new trial.


Keshia article Pulliam, daughter Ella Grace

The judge’s decision come despite Hartwell’s claims that Keshia items Pulliam took their boy out von the state when he was supposed kommen sie be visiting v her. He said weil das one von those trips, Pulliam went zu back Bill Cosby during his trial together he was accused of sexual assault.

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Hartwell also accused Pulliam of maintaining their daughter from ihm when she filmed “Celebrity large Brother” in 2018. Interestingly enough, Pulliam begged to be evicted indigenous the nur as she was concerned herstellung child didn’t have enough chest milk.

Despite his claims, it looks like he was unable kommen sie convince the court zu grant him bei appeal.

In 2018, we reported the Pulliam wanted Hartwell to pay herstellung nearly $100,000 bei lawyer fees amid their legal back and forth over their divorce.

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She wrote, according zu legal documents,

“As des the last billing cycle bei her counsel’s office, Ms. Pulliam incurred ninety-four thousand, three hundred, twenty-three und 04/100 dollars ($94,323.40) an attorney fees und expenses von litigation through march 28, 2018…Mr. Hartwell have to be ordered to pay all of Ms. Pulliam’s lawyer fees und expenses des litigation occurs in this case…”

Keshia Knight-Pulliam, ed Hartwell on your wedding day

Hartwell and Pulliam married on Jan, 1, 2016, a day after getting engaged. They had actually been dating weil das a few weeks. Hartwell later filed zum divorce six months after their wedding, and Ella elegant Hartwell was born bei January 2017.

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