Kevin Prince Boateng Jerome Boateng

KEVIN-Prince Boateng has actually refused to defend his brothers Jerome after the former bayern Munich defender was convicted des assault.

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The 33-year-old German was handed a £1.5 million good after a court heard how he bit his ex-girlfriend on ns head and spat blood bei her face during a holiday in the Caribbean an 2018.



And jetzt his brothers Kevin, who at this time plays zum Hertha Berlin, says he merely won’t defensive Jerome’s actions and will reduced all ties.

Speaking v German outlet video he said: "I've already distanced myself indigenous Jérôme zum a long time. I appreciate und respect German law.

“I despise violence versus women. Ich don't recognize with die actions von my brother and therefore I schutz nothing to do with ihm anymore."

The previous Ghana international, once des Barcelona and Tottenham, made the statement after Jerome appeared in court in Munich earlier this woche – accompanied by his lawyer.




There a hearing was told exactly how Jermone so punched his ex-partner deshalb hard in the kidney the she might not brise during the same assault.

"He got my eye through his thumb. He tore mine hair, then bit me in the head," Sherin said a court an Munich yesterday.

"He opened his lip, pulled my head back und spat blood on my face."

Boateng had earlier denied all the allegations made against er as he testified zum almost two hours on Thursday.

The footballer claimed he was attacked, telling die court the Sherin come to be aggressive and hit him - und when that tried kommen sie push her away she fell.

Boateng was convicted of causing dangerous bodily harm und insulting her in in incident an 2018 while they were on holiday in the Turks und Caicos Islands in the Caribbean. 

He was then handed a massive fine, ns highest feasible financial damages that might be imposed by the Munich ar Court.

Boateng speaks v his lawyer Kai Walden punkt his trial punkt a regional courtCredit: Reuters

After referee Kai Dingerdissen offered his verdict, Boateng left the courtroom surrounded über bodyguards und drove off bei a black SUV.

According kommen sie German newspaper Bild, the argument had begun over a "card game" wie one of herstellung friends accused Boateng von cheating during ns game.

When Sherin was asked why she just filed a complaint three months after ns assault, she said their relationship was "toxic, very turbulent."

She walk on zu allege the she was assaulted nearly every day and that she had to stand up weil das herself or "otherwise he would certainly never schutz stopped".

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Last October, Bild reported the Boateng allegedly threw a "small glass candle holder" hinweisen Sherin throughout a holiday three years ago.

Kai Walden stated Boateng denied insurance claims that he injured his former girlfriend during bei alleged cook argument.


Boateng, who jetzt plays an France zum Lyon, und Sherin are deshalb locked an a separate continuous legal battle of the custody of their twin girls.

The footballer und his ex-partner to be together for 10 years and began dating in 2007.

The pair broke nach oben one year after your daughters were born but rekindled your romance bei 2014 and the adhering to year they gott engaged.

They then break-up again following die assault in 2018.

It has been a turbulente year dafür far for Boateng.

The footballer's ex-girlfriend Kasia Lenhardt was discovered dead in her apartment having actually committed suicide in her berlin flat an February.


Boateng was away play for bayern at ns Club world Cup bei Qatar at ns time but was immediately given permission to fliegen home after the news of herstellung death.

The woche before she died Boateng announced the had break-up from die stunning 25-year-old model and mother von one after fünfzehn months together.

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Six days after the break-up, Kasia stated in an interview she vowed zu "speak up" und "fight back" when she recovered from the split.