Hydrogen powered Fuel cell vehicles und Electric cars should actually be sold quickly off the production heat at ns moment und not just stand around at the dealer. The reason for this is that hydrogen-powered fuel cabinet vehicles and electric cars are at this time being subsidized by the federal government with gaue won incentives. This includes about one call premium, but so a cheaper one taxation as a agency car und ultimately die exemption from die Road tax. If it ist a vehicle with a combustion engine, then the road tax is calculated according to the cubic capacity and the vehicle"s pollutant emissions. However, the fact that a to buy hydrogen-powered fuel cell automobile or electric vehicle remains tax-exempt not forever like this. There is also a time limit here. Owners von older e-models already schutz to pay car tax.

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Tax exemption zum e-cars - exactly how long?


Ten years back - the is, an 2011 - the Tax exemption zum electric cars Launched von the commonwealth government und should apply for a maximum of 10 years after anfangsverdacht registration. Ns tax exemption was limited till 31. December 2020. Deshalb if you bought an electric car in 2015 or 2016, you had kommen sie assume that you would oase to pay road tax from 2021. However it came kommen sie that after every should not. Because die federal government decided prior to December 31, 2020 that die deadline for an additional decade zu sein extended if in electric car by the ende of 2025 ist bought. Deshalb if you bought an electric car in 2020, you now oase it until December 31, 2030 no roadway tax kommen sie be paid. Des course, this end point only applies if die federal government does notfall extend this deadline again.

Plug-in hybrids (PHEVs) - does die vehicle tax exemption also apply to them?

The exemption from automobile tax applies zu plug-in hybrids should not. Also for electric vehicles with a combustion engine the recharges die battery (range extender), not applicable the exemption from road tax. Ns tax is calculated zum the plug-in hybrids - as normal with burning engines - around engine size und CO2 emissions. If ns vehicle ist a fuel cabinet car, consists on ns other hand the taxes exemption.

2020 Opel Astra Hybrid

How much is the vehicle tax after ns exemption has actually expired?

If bei electric car no longer wenn under the ten-year exemption, i.e. An the 11th year after the erste registration, the vehicle tax zu sein calculated according to §9 i 3 des the motiv Vehicle taxes Act. Ns permissible basis is then used as the basis for calculation Total weight des the vehicle. Zum every 200 kilograms or teil thereof, the total weight zu sein up to 2.000 kg 11,25 Euros due. Indigenous 2.000 kommen sie 3.000 kilograms it is in amount des 12,02 Euros. Und it zu sein from 3.000 to 3.500 kilograms 12,78 Euros. An the end, however, there is a 50 percent discount on ns resulting amount. In example may make this clearer:

A Volkswagen ID.4, which has a gross automobile weight of 1.965 kilograms und is as such less than 2.000 kilograms, zum which die vehicle tax zu sein calculated together follows: - 10 ns 11,25 euros = 112,50 Euros and the whole von two do annually 56,25 Euros to road tax.

Do you oase to apply weil das the exemption yourself?

When die vehicle zu sein registered, the data is sent to ns competent authority, i beg your pardon determines the vehicle tax. Ns owners of in electric car must thus be freed from ns tax do notfall apply yourself.

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Tax exemption also valid for used electrical cars?

The exemption from auto tax applies even when buying a used electric car. This taxes exemption then uses until the end - so for a maximum of ten years - after anfangsverdacht registration, at the latest by 31. December 2030 zum vehicles the from januar 01, 2021 were admitted.

Converted combustion zu electric - what about the tax exemption here?

Anyone that buys in electric vehicle that was once a combustion engine (so a so-called electrical mod), i beg your pardon has so been exempt from automobile tax zum ten years due to the fact that 2016. Ns discount begins on the day von the upgrade, yet of course one zum them general operation permit must schutz been granted.


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