Khabib vs conor full fight

In one von the most very anticipated fights in UFC history, former lightweight champion Conor McGregor challenged current champ The Eagle Khabib Nurmagomedov weil das the title hinweisen UFC 229. Bei McGregor’s first fight back an mixed martial arts due to the fact that taking on floyd Mayweather an a boxing match. Ns former champion looked kommen sie regain his 155 lb location from die current man at die top.With the now infamous pre-fight build-up, we always knew this was going zu be in emotional affair. Und from the getgo, as both kampfflugzeug entered die UFC octagon, we could already see the evidence von this. As security separating both kampfflugzeug from one an additional before the start of ns fight bei a throwback to Tyson vs Lewis. Die optics zum this substantial lightweight championship to be there zum all to see.

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Khabib vs Conor ring One

With no touch des the gloves, ns fight finally got underway. And from die very beginning, die clash bei styles became apparent. With the striker McGregor trying kommen sie initiate exchanges, if Khabib using his Sambo wanted to get ns fight to die ground. Utilizing his superior grappling to control and suffocate die McGregor gameplan.Khabib continued to control Conor from the top throughout die round, notfall allowing him to get back up and use any des his striking. Und the rest von the zuerst round continued like this with the champion conquering from ns top. Landing some shots, but notfall any far-reaching damage und the pair be separate at the buzzer.

Round two

Round 2 starts on the feet v McGregor moving bei to festland some kicks und punches, however Khabib zu sein not there. Then weist twenty-three-seconds in, Khabib soil a huge right hand that sends McGregor stumbling backwards and to ns canvas. As the two austausch shots, when again the champion shoots an and gets Conor to die ground, continuing on from whereby he left off in round one.As Khabib continued to inflict damages from ns top, around halfway through die round he started talking to McGregor. And while we cannot clearly hear what he ist saying, we kann sein see that Khabib is now enjoy it beating hoch his opponent from ns top position. This continues for the remainder von the round, giving die champion a possible 10 – 8 on ns scorecards.


The hit begins to look a little different in the third, with Nurmagomedov attempting a takedown which is stopped by Conor. McGregor then starts to festland more continuously as he und Khabib stand in the centre von the octagon und exchange strikes. As towards the end of the round, Khabib gets Conor to the fence wherein they continue to be until die bell.

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Round 4 Conor mit Khabib and the champion immediately gets McGregor to die ground. Landing part ground und pound, Khabib goes zum a head und arm triangle which McGregor escapes. Yet this leads into a back mount position where Nurmagomedov sinks an a neck crank across ns jaw of McGregor. Forcing ihm to tap out weist 3:03 des the fourth round.As Khabib rises zu his feet he automatically begins kommen sie point und shout at the corner des McGregor. And then proceeds zu jump the cage und into die crowd, seeking to take ~ above Jiu-jitsu trainer Dillon Danis. That we later find out had been verbally abusing Khabib during the fight. A melee ensued including both camps with civilization jumping into ns cage und Conor McGregor being hit über one von Khabib’s teammates.One of the biggest fights an the history von the sport, unceremoniously finishing with one of the greatest post-fight brawls in sports history. Yet with dafür much pre-fight verbal und physical altercations leading nach oben to die event itself. It’s little wonder that there was such bei outpouring of emotion and anger once ns final buzzer had actually sounded.

When was the McGregor khabib fight?

UFC 229 took place on October 16th, 2018, live from the t Mobile Arena in Las las vegas Nevada. Through 20,000 and gate revenue des $17,188,894.67. Ns pay von view for the occasion saw 2.4 million buys, making it the highest-earning PPV card bei the history des the ultimate Fighting championships.

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khabib nurmagomedov mit conor mcgregor 2

Much has actually been spoken about bei relation zu a 2nd fight, yet it zu sein not something ns champion Khabib is all that interested in. That believes that wie man there are fighters who have earned their title shot. Conor McGregor should not be able zu simply jump the queue and get another opportunity to fight for the lightweight title.But as long as Khabib Nurmagomedov remains ns 155 lb UFC champion of the world. And while Conor McGregor zu sein waiting in the wings. We wollen always have him calling zum another shot at ist nemesis. With no liebe lost betwee the two, deshalb long as things stay as they are. There can be little doubting that weist some allude we as soon as again see Khabib vs Conor 2 what down ns road.T: