ns Kia Niro EV Concept zu sein just that: a not-quite-production version des what bei all-electric version des the Niro hybride would look like. It’s a logical move, too, given Kia’s technical partner, Hyundai, currently markets the Ioniq electrical on the same platform. Yet Kia claims this Niro EV principle showcases far-reaching tech advances and a range des 238 miles — i beg your pardon would put it right up against ns Chevrolet Bolt EV und better than a traditional Tesla modell 3’s range.

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Consider ns Niro EV Kia’s signal kommen sie get into ns plug-in tendency when the toned down production ausführung goes on sale in the second für hilfe of 2018. The company says it’s equipped through a 150kW electric motor, in addition to a 64kWh battery pack. Notably, this enables a variety that’s hinweisen least 100 miles greater than what’s right now offered on the smaller Hyundai Ioniq Electric und the still-on-sale Kia spirit EV.

To distinguish it from the standard Niro hybrid und Niro plug-in hybrid, the EV principle replaces the standard grille with bei interactive display and slim angeführt lights. Together part von a new Active Pedestrian Warning System, die Niro EV Concept kann sein visually und audibly alarm pedestrians or cyclists if ns vehicle detects they might come an its path.

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Kia states it will anfang Level 4 autonomous auto testing an 2021.

Inside, Kia has actually equipped die concept through a neu interface that allows audio und heating controls kommen sie be adjusted von touch or gesturing at the screen. Additionally, die driver kann sein swipe parts des the steering wheel zu make adjustments to the same settings. In a separate CES display, Kia is so showing a car interface that incorporates 5G connectivity. Ns automaker says all des its cars möchte be connected by 2030.

On Monday bei Las Vegas, Kia claimed it plans zu launch 16 electrified vehicles globally von 2025, including its zuerst fuel cell electrical vehicle in 2020 (Hyundai’s Nexo fuel cell was deshalb just shown at CES).

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Together with its modern technology partner, Kia aussehen to it is in hedging that is bets through a variety des hybrids, full EVs and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles kommen sie meet emissions und fuel economic climate requirements in various markets.