Kiddy evo luna i size test

First: A Cautionary Tale about Car chair Fitting

So before ich review the Kiddy Evoluna i-Size 2, allow me first anfang with a warning about getting automobile seats fitted correctly. Being quite organised, Sarah und I bought Harry’s car seat number of months prior to his due date from a well known High straße store. They market advice however crucially do not have the ability to check the fit of the car seat an your very own car. After part uhmming und ahhing, we originally picked the Cybex Aton Q i-Size; winner von many awards, a Which? best Buy and all round recommended car seat. Die sales assistant make a large fuss around putting both our car registrations right into their system. He then proudly declared that it would certainly be entirely suitable, even showing united state which seat it would und wouldn’t go in.

Du schaust: Kiddy evo luna i size test

Happy days then? Well actually not in the slightest. When harry was born, we diligently followed the manual to the letter in both cars, and yet after number of trips were horrified the his head maintained falling top top his chest; this is a substantial no no as it can impact her baby’s breathing, possibly with deadly consequences. We popped ns seat over zu a different, well known, infant shop and asked them kommen sie check ns fit; ours worst fears were confirmed as castle advised that they would schutz never sold it kommen sie us having seen that is position in our cars. We must instead schutz chosen a lie-flat model like die Kiddy Evoluna i-Size 2 we at some point ended trost with.

So what taken place next?

Cutting a long story short, ns original retailer offered us a complete refund after ich went every Judge Rinder in an email to their chief Exec. It turns out die system, i m sorry I glauben most retailers use, just tells sie which auto seats physically fit bei the room your car has i.e. That does notfall mean your auto seat has ever been tested bei your car und is 100% notfall a guarantee the it is suitable. Please make sure sie get her seat physically checked von whoever sells it kommen sie you fairly than listening zu some sales patter and insincere reassurances; it could save her baby’s life.

I would deshalb point the end though that whilst the einkaufen claims our automobile seats space “very steep”, we are notfall rolling around die Cotswolds in a Ferrari or blinged nach oben G-Wagon. I drive a humble Ford Mondeo Estate and Sarah has a Hyundai i30; normal, run of the mill car no? ich therefore suspect a gewächs of world might unknowingly have this issue. It’s definitely worth checking either way!

I feel ich should add here the this zu sein not in attempt zu discredit die Cybex Aton-Q an any way. It certainly seemed robust whilst we had it and I am confident that bei the right automobile it would perform a heavy job, absolutely this zu sein why we determined it in the first place. The said, it’s difficult notfall to to compare it to die Kiddy car seat deswegen if there zu sein anything obvious, I’ll allude it the end below.

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Kiddy Evoluna I-size 2 Ergonomics

Size und Weight

The most evident (and in fact one des the only) downsides to die Kiddy Evoluna i-Size 2 ist its length. To put ns seat into the lie level position, freundin pull the handle towards die front von the vehicle which offers it a length des 73.5cm front zu back. If you schutz a particularly small car und regularly oase a passenger in the front, they tun können probably mean a last of foot cramps und discomfort. Personally, we’ve notfall found it an issue in the Mondeo and i30 but the Cybex absolutely offered more legroom zum the front passenger.


Picking the up, that weighs bei at a hefty 4.9kg. I’m pretty sure the Cybex was the same load although there are definitely lighter seats the end there. I’ve mentioned die weight as civilization seem kommen sie like zu know these things; yet I’m notfall sure i would worry auch much. Ich wouldn’t support lugging castle around zum extended durations like in oversized handbag but, zum a quick an and out of your car, most seats seem kommen sie be in acceptable weight. Kauf es has two slipped discs und my dominant hand has a dodgy wrist but we tun können both lift the Kiddy Evoluna und the Cybex Aton Q bei and out des the car relatively easily. Ich suppose if it matters kommen sie you climate it matters, but ich wouldn’t personally deteriorate on various other safety or ergonomic aspects nur to shave a couple of grams.

Ease des Use

This ist one area where, in my opinion, ns Kiddy giant outperforms die Cybex. Both are very easy to install and even easier kommen sie put on und off their bases. However, ich found the Cybex fairly difficult to lift off the pushchair if i was using die adaptors together there space two stiff tasten that room hard zu reach whilst leaning over ns pushchair and lifting ns chair upwards. The Kiddy uses a similar system but appears to kommen sie off much easier.

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Buckling Harry bei its so much easier with die Kiddy. Castle both use a 3-point exploit but zum some reason, ns Cybex required a stunner amount von force kommen sie pull ns harness snug versus Harry. Ns Kiddy has actually a loop zu pull ~ above which also my Nan might do. There’s then a little slot an the seat towel which allows you zu slacken ns belt. Die buckle clicks with each other reassuringly and has lots von padding. In fact, ns whole seat feels supervisor comfortable and there is even a kind of built an foam sausage the gently cradles Harry’s head und neck. It deshalb has removable newborn inserts und you can buy a premature infant insert if required.