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Seth Rogen defines Sony fight Over the Interview's kim Jong-un death Seth Rogen goes into detail regarding his fight through Sony over kim Jong-un"s death bei The Interview and explains his original, much more graphic vision.

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Seth Rogen freshly went on document about ns depiction of metall Jong-un"s death in The Interview und the substantial back-and-forth he had with Sony about ns scene. 2014"s The Interview continues to be one von the many controversial films von recent memory. The film follows die misadventures von "Skylark Tonight" host dave Skylark (James Franco) und his producer Aaron Rapaport (Seth Rogen). They travel kommen sie North Korea at kim Jong-un"s (Randall Park) inquiry for in interview. Ns CIA recruits Skylark und Rapaport kommen sie assassinate ns North oriental Supreme Leader.

Upon discovering the premise des The Interview, north Korea threatened activity against die United States, with Sony eventually delaying ns release and reportedly re-editing the film to be less offensive. After Sony was hacked von the "Guardians des Peace," a gruppe with ties zu North Korea, und that same kopieren, gruppe threatened to attack theaters that showed the film, Sony opted zu release the film for digital rental and in a small number von select theaters instead. The final film featured a graphic fatality scene zum Kim Jong-un entailing his helicopter gift hit by a tank shell und his head exploding.

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According kommen sie Seth Rogen, that appeared in the recent episode of Corridor Crew"s VFX artists React youtube series zu discuss his career, kim Jong-un"s death scene was the subject of much debate bolzen him and Sony. Rogen insurance claims that a much more graphics version von the scene exists, but Sony moved relentlessly weil das changes. "If there was going to be zu sein with north Korea based on something in the movie, it was going to be because of this shot." return Rogen cites Raiders von the lost Ark"s famous face-melting step as ns inspiration weil das filming metall Jong-un"s graphic head explosion scene, very little of the practical effects arbeiten made it into the final film due to arguments with Sony. Check out Rogen"s full comment below:

"This became ns whole negotiation, was like how much of the head do freundin see? How viel do you notfall see? tun können we obscure it v fire? Literally, die studios have their own visual results people and they anfang changing die shot themselves, doing various versions of the shot, mirroring us versions of the shot. Yeah, that literally becomes choose a frame-by-frame discussion. How numerous embers can hit his face? just how long tun können it be on screen for? über far the thing that I"ve had the most discussion about bei probably any type of one einzel part des any movie I"ve ever before had anything kommen sie do with."

Seth Rogen und James Franco an The Interview
together it appears in the last film, kim Jong-un"s actual death is primarily obscured by digital fire added to appease Sony executives. The original shot that Rogen explained sounded viel more graphic, with ns film"s effects team having built a wax head the they climate melted with heat lamps und blew up. Part of the valuable effects work is ausblüten visible an the film, with small chunks von skull shooting turn off into ns sky behind the wall des flame, yet primarily it appears Sony was able zu obscure viel of ns graphic content.

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Considering some des the various other material in the film, it"s surprising over there weren"t much more shots that concerned Sony. When The Interview may not schutz been a enormous financial success, the did set an interesting precedent. Sony, it seems, was more than willing zu delay the film and re-edit it to make it much less offensive. Still, then-President Barack Obama publicly stated that he thought Sony had actually made a mistake wie it bowed kommen sie North Korea"s demands. It appears unlikely that audiences wollen get a film as publicly controversial together The Interview at any time soon. Still, perhaps, at some point in the future, an unrated ausführung or director"s cut möchte be released that features Rogen"s original vision weil das Kim Jong-un"s graphic fatality scene.