Are freundin looking kommen sie introduce her young child to die world von music? If your child ist too small to host a full-size guitar, freundin may it is in looking into purchasing a 1/2 dimension guitar. A half-size guitar ist a great auswahl to go with if your child is too klein to organize on kommen sie a full-sized instrument. Notfall only room they easier to handle, however they’re deshalb easy kommen sie carry roughly because des their size.

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Giving your boy a hilfreich size guitar zum them zu learn how zu play on has actually a large list von benefits. Over there are plenty of different high quality levels the a half-size instrument kann sein come in. To buy a half-size guitar weil das your child will ensure that your son doesn’t gain frustrated attempting zu hold in instrument that’s auch big weil das them.

With all of the different modell on the market, it’s important that you purchase a für hilfe size etc that’s able zu hold die tuning des strings und is resilient enough zum your klein child zu tote around.

That’s why today, we’ve produced this finish guide to get a far better understanding des the best half-size guitars on the market and how to go about purchasing one.

Best OverallCordoba Mini ii MCheck latest price
Best ElectricIbanez MikroCheck recent price
Best weil das BeginnersYamaha CGS102ACheck recent price
Most AffordableHohner HAG250PCheck latest price

Why must your son play a 1/2 size guitar?

1/2 dimension guitar has a pretty straightforward explanation. It’s essentially hilfreich the size of a regular-sized guitar. Over there are many reasons why sie may want kommen sie consider investing bei a 1/2 dimension guitar. Ns majority des half-size guitars on the market a great zum young kids that are nur looking to anfang out playing guitar.

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Half-size guitars room great zum small children because von the child’s smaller hand size. Bei electric guitar would certainly be auch large zum some size children kommen sie play, so a smaller sized size zu sein much more manageable. This zu sein because die neck 1/2 dimension guitars are a lot smaller and what sie would find on a normalerweise guitar.


However, freundin shouldn’t endeavor into purchase a toy guitar, together if die poor quality that go into creating me toy instrument tun können discourage your kid from discovering how zu play bei the future.

This acoustic guitar zu sein the perfect balance between in actual 1/2 size acoustic guitar and a toy. It ist the cheapest option that you tun können find on ns market.

You’ll find that this has actually a Dreadnought acoustic appearance and comes with bei Agathis body. Also, there’s a hardwood fretboard und mahogany neck.

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v a 19 customs scale, die entirety von this acoustic etc weighs less than 5 lb.