Kinderkraft Comfort Up Kinderautositz Test

son seats need to be one thing above all else: safe. des course, comfort also plays a critical role. This is especially true if freundin want to hülle longer distances über car v your offspring. indigenous reliable side influence protection, through the design of die car seat, kommen sie its 3-point harness, over there are plenty of factors that save conscientious parents bei mind wie looking zum the right auto seat.

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the big kid seat comparison takes you under the arms. Here, bei March 2019, you kann find out which top quality criteria make a high-quality and reliable boy seat. sie can also find out in detail what ist going top top with the different son seat groups. Why a reboarder renders sense zum your child, you möchte learn in the complying with as well.

die best 4 kid seats bei detailed to compare

Britax roman EVOLVA 123 car seat



5-point safety harness


Side affect protection, optionally with bei adjustable chair width, adjustable seating position, v beverage holder, Made in Britain

available with Isofix?

also without using Isofix?



Age group

9 months to 12 years


7.7 kg

weight limit

9 kommen sie 36 kg

kid Seat group



72 ns 50 ns 52 cm zu offer Available punkt 120.50 € 159,95 €

Cybex silver- Pallas-fix vehicle seat



5-point security harness


Awarded von car bild (“very good”), with catcher, flexible reclining position, side affect protection, maker washable cover, summer cover available, energy soaking up shell

available with Isofix?

even without using Isofix?



Age group

9 months zu 12 years


7 kg

weight limit

9 zu 36 kg

son Seat group



43.5 ns 47 x 71.5 centimeter kommen sie offer Available at 189.99 € 184,99 €

Cybex Silver equipment X-fix auto seat



5-point security harness


Removable, device washable cover, summer hülle optional available, 3-way tilting and 11-way adjustable headrest, incorporated side affect protection, reclining backrest

easily accessible with Isofix?

even without utilizing Isofix?



Age kopieren, gruppe

3 zu 12 years


7 kg

weight limit

15 to 36 kg

son Seat group



41 ns 47 ns 64 centimeter to offer Available punkt € 99.99 103,99 €

Child force Comfort up Child automobile Seat



5-point safety and security harness


seat belts from the Sabelt, reinforced padding in the lumbar region, shock-absorbing shoulder straps, backrest kann sein be quickly removed, removable base tun können be used letztere as a booster seat

obtainable with Isofix?

even without using Isofix?



Age group

9 months kommen sie 12 years


3.22 kg

weight limit

9 to 36 kg

kid Seat kopieren, gruppe



38 ns 42 x 62 cm zu offer Available at 60.11 € € 59.95 Illustration

model Britax roman EVOLVA 123 automobile seat Cybex silver- Pallas-fix automobile seat Cybex Silver solution X-fix car seat Child force Comfort hoch Child vehicle Seat

also without utilizing Isofix?

Available weist
front front front forward
Side impact protection, optionally with bei adjustable seat width, adjustable seating position, with beverage holder, Made in Britain Awarded über car video (“very good”), through catcher, flexible reclining position, side affect protection, device washable cover, summer hülle available, energy taking in shell Removable, device washable cover, summer hülle optional available, 3-way tilting und 11-way flexible headrest, incorporated side impact protection, reclining backrest Belts from die home Sabelt, reinforced padding in the lumbar region, shock-absorbing shoulder straps, backrest kann sein be easily removed, removable base kann sein be used letztere as a booster seat
ripe six sechs 5
9 months kommen sie 12 year 9 months zu 12 years 3 zu 12 years 9 months zu 12 years
7.7 kg 7 kg 7 kg 3.22 kg
9 zu 36 kg 9 to 36 kg fünfzehn to 36 kg 9 zu 36 kg
1/2/3 1/2/3 2.3 1/2/3
72 ns 50 x 52 centimeter 43.5 x 47 x 71.5 cm 41 ns 47 x 64 cm 38 x 42 ns 62 cm
to offer kommen sie offer to offer to offer
120.50 € 159,95 € 189.99 € 184,99 € € 99.99 103,99 € 60.11 € € 59.95

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more interesting product comparisons around your kid

Buggy Stroller Babyphone auto Seat Reboarder

1. Britax Römer EVOLVA 123 car seat for children indigenous 9 kommen sie 36 kilograms

ns Britax Römer EVOLVA 123 auto seat ist a permanent companion zum your child. ~ all, this auto seat belongs to die child seat gruppe 1/2/3 , dafür you tun können use die seat indigenous a weight of 9 kilograms kommen sie a maximum weight von 36 kilograms. Whether in blue, black, red or gray, die visually appealing design and the variety des colors speak zum themselves.

If freundin want to use die seat from the age von 9 months to about 12 years, ns adjustable chair width is equally beneficial. many thanks SICT and Isofix so allow the seat kommen sie be safely combined into her car. Depending upon your child’s human body weight, you kann sein use ns seat through either the 5-point exploit or a handy 3-point harness.

of course, this seat, i m sorry stands zum quality Made an Britain quality, tun können be flexibly incorporated into most vehicle models. The weight des the seat is 7.7 kilograms, while ns seat dimensions are as follows: 48 ns 48 x 86 centimeters.

ns high backrest and special shoulder pads aid keep your boy protected. Of course, the manufacturer uses its very own crash test facility zu guarantee ns highest possible level des safety. Von course, the seat height can be easily adjusted to ns body size of your children.

There space 2 brackets dafür drinks and snacks can fit comfortably in the seat. Ns well padded sides are deshalb an advantage. However, this is not a reboarder, but a forward-facing seat the grows ~ above request. second Cybex silver- Pallas-fix auto seat des the group 1/2/3

just like the erste seat from ns big son seat comparison, the Cybex silver- Pallas-fix car seat kann accompany your child zum a lang time. ~ all, he zu sein the vehicle seat gruppe 1/2/3 assigned. Ns seat zu sein available an six various colors v or without Isofix .

Of kurse you tun können wash die seat abdecken if necessary. This zu sein possible at 30 degrees, deshalb that your auto seat wollen be clean again.

die quality “ Engineered in Germany ” speaks weil das itself. Ns car magazine from Cybex has deshalb been rated “very good” by the magazine wagen Bild an the past, which have to give freundin as a parent a an excellent feeling. Here, die 7-kilogram seat kann sein be supplied from a human body weight des 9 kilograms and up zu a weight of 36 kilograms.

the 43.5 x 47 x 71.5 centimeter polyester seat renders it dafür easy kommen sie care for. The depth-adjustable catcher can also contribute to a high level von safety. Ns same applies to the following attributes that this car seat kann sein score in the eyes des many parents:

3-way tilt-adjustable headrest special Side affect Protection lying position with one hand adjustable Easy zu convert kommen sie child seat of group 2/3 zum children native 3 years Backrest, which can so be adjusted an inclination Easy kommen sie fix in the automobile – even without Isofix over die vehicle chair belt

If freundin want, you can optionally purchase a summer cover for this auto seat. This offers even much more comfort zum your offspring, given ns great heat that prevails in summer.

dritter Cybex Silver solution X-fix automobile seat zum children indigenous 3 year

ns high-quality processed, stable Cybex Silver equipment X-fix auto seat promises freundin a long dienstleistungen life. After all, you kann use this vehicle seat, which ist offered an six different shade variants, from die age des 3 zu 12 years . However, your child must weigh hinweisen most 36 und at least 15 kilograms if sie want to use this seat.

of course, the Cybex Silver equipment X-fix car seat is deshalb suitable zum vehicles with und without an Isofix device. when buying, just make certain that you choose die seat modell you need to rechts your auto , the fact that numerous parents trust bei this seat for a good reason is clearly demonstrated von the following awards:

reddot design Award – winner bei 2009 Rating “very good” by wagen Bild in 09/2008 group as “recommended” von car, engine and sport (03/2010)

zum a high level des safety, this seat not only has actually a 3-way tiltable and 11-way adjustable comfort headrest. A unique side impact protection has also been integrated into die seat. Die backrest kann be changed as needed an their inclination. In addition, the comfortable chair cushion will certainly appeal kommen sie your offspring.

If sie want kommen sie install the child seat there is no Isofix an your vehicle, this kann be easily attached to ns vehicle seat belt. Von course, die cover tun können be removed und washed hinweisen a maximum des 30 degrees in the machine. so with this seat, you oase the möglichkeit to acquisition a summer seat hülle as in option. Sie should so know this grundlegend information about this child seat:

Weight: 7 kilograms hülle material: 100 percent polyester Dimensions: 41 von 47 von 64 inches

die energy-absorbing covering ist another distinct feature des this kid seat. Finally, the flexibel material structure assures a specifically high level of security. Should bei accident occur, ns impact forces mainly affect ns shell. Thus, your child is well protected.

If you wish, you kann buy ns right party cage in addition to this seat. This has actually proven itself especially for long auto rides, where your children will surely it is in thirsty someday. Not only is this vehicle seat incredibly easy to handle, it so fits comfortably in many small cars. 4th Kinderkraft Comfort up child automobile seat an 5 various colors

die Child power Comfort hoch Child vehicle Seat kopieren, gruppe 1/2/3 accompanies your youngsters from a weight of 9 kilograms. You oase the choice between five different color variants. Comfortable and, over all, safe automobile travel is also possible many thanks to the headrest, which kann be quickly adjusted bei height. Ns side supports not only protect ns head, but so the shoulders of your child.

in addition, lumbar assistance padding has been intensified zu give you even better protection. Ns shock-absorbing shoulder straps room at die latest wie you room forced kommen sie lay down in emergency stop, advantage. Ns child chair made von plastic and polyester kann be supplied up zu a weight of 36 kg. That is dimensions room 38 von 42 by 62 inches v a weight von only 3.22 kilograms.

von course, this seat möchte meet die requirements des safety regulation ECE R44 / 04. After all, this zu sein a must dafür that this automobile seat in the EU tun können be sold and used weist all.

If freundin want to use die seat weil das children aged 10 kommen sie 12, you kann decide zum yourself if you want kommen sie remove ns backrest or not. This ist possible from a weight des 22 kilograms. Von course, die seat tun können be easily an installed and taken personally if necessary. Sie can deshalb remove die covers und wash them gently in the machine.

die 5-point seatbelt was made von the Italian in brand geraten Sabelt . The this company zu sein one des the hauptsächlich producers of seat belts an the motorsport sector, is zum you with ns purchase des this child security seat v security as well as bei advantage. Ns two-sided inserts zum toddlers make this seat an extremely easy kommen sie care for.

bei Isofix device ist not required kommen sie use this seat with your car. Even in your klein car , this branded kid’s seat must be easy zu integrate.

fifth Maxi-Cosi Tobi child vehicle seat zum children from 9 kommen sie 18 kilograms

die Maxi-Cosi Tobi auto seat kann sein be purchased from a weight des 9 kilograms following the baby seat zum your kid use. This seat ist approved zum a human body weight von 9 kommen sie 18 kilograms und therefore belonging to die kid seat kopieren, gruppe 1 . Eight different color alternatives make sure that this seat should appeal to you visually very well. Sie should know the following einzelheiten about die child seat of the reputation Maxi-Cosi brand:

Weight: 8.8 kilograms Dimensions: 57.5 von 44.5 über 72 inches Material: 48 percent polyester und 52 percent cotton (cover) und 100 percent polyester (filling) 3-point belt installation is child’s pat

This boy seat ist from the age of 9 nach oben to the age des 4 . However, it ist important zu keep in mind die weight limits und only use the seat as lang as your child is between 9 und 10 years old 18 kilograms weighs. The special base ensures that your offspring can benefit native a higher seating position. Deswegen nothing escapes him.

des course, this car seat can also be set to a comfortable resting position zum your kid . The you have installed the seat correctly an your car, confirms a watch at die practical color display. So you can be on die safe side.

the protection concept was optimized weist this location. Thus, you kann protect her child also better bei a frontal as well as a next impact. Die easy-out suspenders belt system can deshalb contribute to die high user comfort an handling this vehicle seat. You schutz the choice of which von the five comfortable relaxing or sit positions freundin would like kommen sie hire weil das your offspring.

die headrest and straps from her seat tun können be readjusted from the front at ns same time. This deshalb makes the handling a gewächs easier. Ns fact that ns seat was manufactured an Europe also speaks zum its quality. you can also set this separately obtainable accessory on request:

Summer hülle Sun security bag cup holder

If you’re looking zum a son seat that installs die Isofix passend zu without any problem, you’ll want kommen sie step rückseitig from the seat. This child auto seat kann sein only be fastened with a normal car strap. Zum many other models from die large boy seat comparison, however, both mounting choices are given, deswegen it is in important purchase criterion. 6th Safety first Road Safe kid seat an group 2/3

the soft padded Safety first Road Safe kid seat zu sein available bei black, black-blue or red for your kids. Zum a an especially high level des user comfort, ns head section des this child seat tun können be adjusted six times an height. through your traditional 3-point seat belt, the seat can deshalb be easily combined into your car. an addition, die backrest can be adjusted in two different positions. If necessary, ns cover kann of course be removed und washed in the machine weist 30 degrees . V a weight of only 2.85 kilograms, the seat is comparatively light. Its dimensions room 65 von 41 von 39 centimeters.

sie should only use this auto seat if your child has actually reached a human body weight von at least 15 kilograms. Die seat can be comfortably supplied up to a preferably weight des 36 kilograms.

the soft padding und comfortable armrests möchte keep your youngsters comfortable also on long journeys. Die outer startseite is 100% polyester, while ns filling ist 82% polyurethane and 18% polyester. Of course, this seat so complies with ns ECE R44 / 04 safety and security standard, which ist mandatory bei the eu for child safety and security seats.

you re welcome keep in mind that making use of this seat ist only possible in the direction von travel . Die height von the seat can of course be changed according kommen sie your needs. Unfortunately, die seat kann not be used with in Isofix base. 7th KIDUKU vehicle seat zum children native 1 to 12 years

If freundin are looking zum a son seat that tun können accompany your offspring zum as lang as possible, the KIDUKU automobile seat might be the right choice. After all, this automobile seat belongs to the gruppe 1/2/3. This method that you tun können already use the seat a b a human body weight des 9 kilograms up to a preferably weight des 36 kilograms . Sechs different color choices ensure the this seat should also appeal kommen sie you visually very well.

the ECE R44 / 04 safety standard need to comply with all child safety seats the are zu be used in the EU. Des course, this car seat so meets die requirements von this standard.

zum a high level des safety und the greatest feasible user comfort, this seat was equipped with a 5-point safety belt. Thus, die car seat kann sein be easily changed to ns size of to suit your child. Of course, the seat kann be fixed in your automobile using ns regular seat belt, deswegen no Isofix device is needed.

weil das even much more comfort, ns seat cover can be gotten rid of if necessary. You tun können then wash it comfortably in the machine – but only weist a maximum temperature of 30 levels Celsius. Die seat for your youngsters also features comfortable padded chest straps so your children can blieb sit comfortably even wie braked. However, if freundin are looking weil das a seat with in adjustable back, this model ist not ns right choice zum you. 8th Maxi-Cosi Priori SPS Plus gruppe 1 boy seat

the neat Maxi-Cosi Priori SPS Plus kid seat belonging to gruppe 1. This way that you tun können use this chair from a weight of 9 zu a maximum of 18 kilograms . At ns age des about 9 months her child must be hefty enough zu sit comfortably an this seat. Afterwards you kann sein use this seat nach oben to ns age of about 4 years zum your offspring. the strong und stable son seat zu sein available in seven different colors. It zu sein available v or there is no headrest. V your continuous 3-point harness, ns seat, i m sorry weighs 6.95 kg, tun können be conveniently fastened kommen sie your vehicle. The dimensions des the son seat space 57.5 über 48 von 62.5 centimeters.

your child is well protected over all because this seat has actually been equipped with a shock-absorbing headrest . There is so the next Side defense System zum added security. A total des four different rest positions are so available weil das you kommen sie choose from. Kommen sie make the easy zum you zu place your child in the seat und take the out von the chair easily, there are a few handy strap hooks. The Easy-in-Strap system has proven itself an practice. nine Britax Römer KIDFIX SL SICT car seat from a load of 15 kg

Since the Britax Römer KIDFIX SL SICT car seat belongs to the Kindersitz gruppe 2/3 , you tun können use this seat from a body load of 15 kilograms. However, your kids should notfall weigh over 36 kilograms if freundin would like to use this seat. Nine various color choices are available for you zu choose from, und you can basically choose betwee these chair models:

with SICT and Isofix black Series through Isofix schwarz Series through Isofix und SICT schwarze farbe Series without Isofix v Isofix without Isofix

deshalb you alone can decide whether sie want to attach this Made in Germany seat kommen sie your vehicle via your consistent straps or making use of a one-of-a-kind Isofix device. If sie choose die SICT feature, this seat also comes v a flexibel side impact zu your home. The high backrest also contributes to die reliable side influence protection.

in addition to the 6.7 kg child seat, freundin should deshalb know the its dimensions room 45 by 49 über 66 centimeters. The adjustable, ergonomic headrest deshalb helps your kids enjoy much more comfort und safety. Ns Made an Germany seat was so put through its paces by the manufacturer using die company’s very own crash prüfen facility.

bei addition, die fabrics and covers weil das brand seats are all made in Europe. in addition, Britax has chosen to work carefully with several major brands in the automotive industry. Whether Mercedes-Benz, Volvo or Porsche, this cooperation tun können ensure a particularly high degree von safety. 10th Maxi-Cosi Rodi XP settle with children’s automobile seat bei 9 different colors

the Maxi-Cosi Rodi XP Fix ist ​​a child auto seat the grows together, which is available v or there is no Isofix. You schutz the choice and you tun können opt weil das or against the practical pocket cup holder. Die high-quality brand seat brings in dimensions des 27 mal 68 zeit 46 centimeters 4.3 kilograms on die scales and can optionally be conveniently fastened through your 3-point belt bei your car. However, if sie want to fahrzeug your kid safely und comfortably with this seat, its own weight must not exceed 36 kilograms. Ns seat ist recommended from die age des about 3.5 years.

of course, die renowned brand in this car seat was thoroughly believed through to ns highest possible user comfort. This means zum you the you kann remove the hülle if important comfortably. This kann sein be conveniently washed in the machine. However, ns temperature must not exceed 30 degrees Celsius.

The kopieren, gruppe 2/3 car seat is sure zu give your children side impact protection . This protects die hips, head and loins of your children an especially well. Ns backrest und the headrest kann be easily adjusted an height and adapted to your needs. The belt adjustment also varies, so that ns belt constantly sits safely and comfortably in exactly die right place.

you want zu change your child car seat more often between different vehicle models? Then sie should be burning interested bei this seat. After all, the safe car seat ist particularly light und can as such be conveniently moved indigenous one vehicle kommen sie another.

weil das this kid seat, is deshalb an installation an the direction of travel . When buying this special vehicle seat, however, freundin should remember the he does not schutz his very own reclining function. If you’re plan a gewächs of lang car rides through your offspring, this can be one von the attributes that’s specifically important kommen sie you. . 11 Child power SAFETYFIX ISOFIX boy seat native 9 kommen sie 36 kg

You kann sein use the children’s energie SAFETYFIX ISOFIX son seat native a body weight von only 9 kilograms weil das the safe transport of your offspring. Your child need to weigh a maximum of 36 kilograms if sie want to fahrzeug your child or daughter in this group 1/2/3 seat. 3 different, gender-neutral color alternatives room available for purchase from this safe und reliable child seat.

des course, this vehicle seat kann sein be safe installed in your car using die special Isofix device. the 5-point safety and security belt also provides an ext safety and comfort. Of course, the europäische union approval R44 / 04 is deshalb available weil das this automobile seat weil das your kids. While die weight of the child seat amounts zu 6.88 kg, the seat measures 48 times 44 times 77 centimeters. So these valuable features have to offer sie your new feuer child car seat:

Removable, washable cover flexible headrest practical seat reducer

die shoulder chair belts were notfall only pleasantly soft padded, but deshalb non-slip weil das added safety. the backrest can so be changed with just the push of a button. Ns fact that the upholstery fabric is made des a breathable, linen-like material has so proven itself bei the eyes des many parents.

car seat for children buy: Which child seat is compulsory?

A infant seat for the car ist as compulsory as a son seat weil das children younger than 12 year old and are notfall yet 150 centimeters tall. die German road Traffic Act as such provides that sie must necessarily put on ns right boy seat for safety of your offspring. Each country has its own rules. The bei other European countries different rules apply , a glance at the following list of child seat regulations plainly shows:

Switzerland: kid seat nach oben to ns age des 12 or a height of 1.5 meters Netherlands: car seat nach oben to ns age von 18 or up to a height of 1.35 meter Austria: 1.5 meter / 14 years Denmark: automobile seat up to 1.35 meters required France: nach oben to the age des 10 year only an the rückseitig seat, through a suitable child seat also in ns passenger chair Italy: Up kommen sie a size des 1.5 meters Czech Republic: ns same preeminence as in Germany and in Switzerland deshalb

A baby seat and a child seat zum the auto are because of this compulsory because ns 3-point seatbelt an the car zu sein designed zum adults. On die other hand, the does notfall provide children with enough protection bei the event of in accident. Also a automobile child seat can not guarantee perfect protection. However, a child car seat that has actually been effectively fastened and fits die size of your offspring will ensure the your child will take as wenig damage as possible.

the different boy seat teams indicate which auto seat is suitable zum the kid from which age or weight. An a child seat native 6 months, it ist usually still a baby seat. After all, children punkt this age kann not sit upright on their own. A car seat for older youngsters will later only be a kid seat upgrade. Over time, ns back and armrests are all gone.

If your kids are nearly large enough zu sit in the car without a boy seat, a straightforward booster seat will be enough. It ensures that ns regular 3-point harness von your car provides castle with sufficient protection. Zum a baby seat zum a baby and a boy seat indigenous 1 year, uses a 5-point harness for more safety.

boy seat – what comes after die baby seat?

A baby auto seat zu sein always a baby carrier . In this baby auto seat ist the child, largely halfway upright. However, over there are deshalb baby automobile seats that can be fully put in a lied position. These are yet usually quite expensive und rather die exception than ns rule.

If you want zu buy a infant seat weil das the car, keep in mind that freundin may schutz the option of clicking this chair onto your stroller frame. This is very ziehen um when traveling, weil das example. Therefore, make sure freundin buy the best that there ist a corresponding child chair adapter zum your stroller. Finally, die child seat and stroller must be compatible.

Following ns infant transport complies with a son seat from 9 kilograms. This kann sein be a Reboarder son seat, but this zu sein not a must. What precisely characterizes a Reboarder boy seat , you wollen learn in the following paragraph an detail. However, we tun können already anticipate the much: if you decide top top a Reboarder boy seat, this seat möchte be installed an your car in the opposite direction von travel, nur like her child’s infant seat does.

Whether you use your infant carrier or your Reboarder bei the passenger seat, it ist important kommen sie check an detail, zum example, this ist the instance with countless baby carriers, but this dominance only applies if die passenger airbag ist switched off, dafür that her child kann not it is in harmed von the airbag bei the event von a feasible accident. “Which kid seat renders sense zu sein explained in more detail an the adhering to list:

kopieren, gruppe 0 / 0+: Backward baby carrier kopieren, gruppe 1: Rear-facing reboarder or forward-facing kid seat v 5-point belt gruppe 2/3: kid seat v backrest und normal 3-point chair belt or seat without backrest with consistent seat belt (each forward facing automobile seat)

however when kann you use a kopieren, gruppe 1 vehicle seat? wie does a kid seat bei Group 2/3 make sense? and from when is a child seat of gruppe 3 recommended? From wie you must use a constant child chair after ns baby car seat, depends greatly on the type of baby auto seat. There room baby bowls that are just suitable for a maximum weight of 10 kilograms. You can use herstellung up zu a kid one year and a height des 75 centimeters .

If the child seat belongs zu kopieren, gruppe 0+, it ist allowed up to 13 kilograms. This seat tun können be used hoch to ns age of 2 years and up kommen sie a height von 90 centimeters. A kid seat up kommen sie 13 kilograms is therefore a 0+ vehicle seat, if a kopieren, gruppe 1 kid seat kann be offered as follows:

mainly 9 zu 18 kilograms Height: bolzen 75 and 100 centimeters period recommendation: roughly 1 to 4.5 years

Whether freundin are looking weil das a boy seat from 15 kilograms, a child seat from 3 or for a boy seat of group 2, you should recognize that especially the size is important. If her child has grown really tall, sie should switch zu a kid seat zum older youngsters sooner than the age specification von the manufacturer in reality envisages. ~ all, die size determines die safety wie dealing v a boy seat.

A group 2 kid seat ist mostly approved weil das a weight of 15 to 25 kilograms, permitting children bolzen 3.5 und 7 years to sit in it. However, your youngsters should not be taller than 125 centimeters. As far as the kid seats of group 3 freundin should know that they tun können be charged from 25 kommen sie 36 kilograms. They space intended for children native 7 zu 12 years of age who space no taller 보다 1.5 meters.

in addition, there are a number of kid seats on ns market that thrive along. If freundin want zu buy together a car seat, it zu sein often a kid seat up to 36 kilograms. This boy seat tun können usually it is in adjusted an height and width. You deshalb have the option to remove ns back und armrests end time. Nur like a kopieren, gruppe 3 vehicle seat, only one chair cushion remains des the former baby auto seat.

So, if you buy such a child seat zum the car, you’ll schutz some des that over plenty of years. Do freundin want kommen sie buy such a son seat, but freundin should know that this ist usually not a reboarder. I m sorry boy seats that fit together space up zum grabs for you und your offspring, zu sein shown an the adhering to list:

kid seat des the kopieren, gruppe 0/1 or 0 + / 1: native 0 to 18 kilograms, zu 5 years, ns children may not be better than 100 centimeters child seat of gruppe 1/2: weight betwee 9 und 25 kilograms, periods 1 to 7 years, human body height between 72 and 125 centimeters kid seat of kopieren, gruppe 1/2/3: load from 9 zu 36 kilograms, zum children native 1 zu 12 years, body dimension from 75 to 150 centimeters kopieren, gruppe 2/3 seat: for children weighing bolzen 15 and 36 kilograms, betwee 3.5 und 12 year old und between 95 and 150 centimeters tall

Why zu sein it precious buying a Reboarder boy seat?

A Reboarder boy seat – what’s that? und why is a rear-facing son seat recommended for children under 4? jetzt that sie know which child seat zu sein suitable weil das which weight, the question arises, what is it about a reboarder? Especially the orientation against the direction of travel characterizes this seat.

This orientation zu sein based on driving safety weil das your youngsters . We schutz summarized the pros and cons des a Reboarder vehicle seat zum you below. These einzelheiten will offer as in important decision aid bei finding die right car seat for your offspring.

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an the event of an impact, your child’s body ist pressed against ns seat her child’s neck is less stressed on a reboarder her child is already used to reversing native his child carrier ns child can enjoy a good view through the side and rear windows as well together with die help of a rear-view mirror (this mirror so allows eye call with die parent at ns wheel)

There space usually greater costs zum a Reboarder than zum a forward-facing son seat early out to die size only partially suitable zum smaller dare

automobile seat v Isofix or without?

May sie have in Isofix kid seat or are you interested bei a continuous children’s vehicle seat that wollen be installed bei your automobile using ns existing 3-point belt? des course, you can only usage a kid seat with Isofix if there ist a unique Isofix device bei your car. However, this ist not always ns case v older automobile models. Meanwhile, this interface kann be found bei virtually all neu vehicles. Isofix is ​​also a globally continuous system. This is an advantage, zum example, weil das longer vacation trips abroad. Generally, Isofix automobile seats are viel safer. There is a very basic reason zum this.

Finally, die Isofix maker ensures that die child seat associate to die body von your auto . Die eyelets for this room located betwee the chair back and the seat. There, the child seat can be hooked through a wenig skill. An addition, ns seat ist fixed v a support foot. This supports the seat native below. Ns support fuß should be placed in the footwell.

Some modell of vehicles should notfall use in Isofix assistance leg. Zum the VW Caddy and the Ford Galaxy, the Peugeot Partner, the VW Touran und some other vehicle models is a storage compartment bei the ground. That does notfall make die ground sturdy enough zum such a support leg.

due to the fact that a assistance leg kann sein not always be used, there are some Isofix son seats that schutz a so-called oberteil Tether an equipment . This additional security zu sein then supplied instead des the support foot. This dritter strap zu sein hooked into die upper seating area. However, notfall all vehicles oase the corresponding device.

Are you interested in a boy seat with Isofix? Then freundin should nur bear in mind wie man transporting several youngsters that you tun können often install just a maximum of two Isofix boy seats bei the back of your vehicle. Zum other boy seats, you may so have die option des using three son seats next to each other.

Cheap automobile seats that are ausblüten safe, you möchte dust with good luck bei the sale can. Even if it is it need to be a child seat from 4 years or a kid seat up to fünfzehn kilograms, if a cheaper kid seat ago, many parents might think about ns purchase des a offered child seat . Not only in a son seat indigenous 3 year you have the opportunity to save money through a cultivation child seat.

Rather, plenty of parents market their discarded child seats cheap used. However, there are quite a few critical voices speaking versus a supplied child seat . This ist mainly because you tun können not be certain that this seat has never been affiliated in an accident. Maybe die car seat has actually a defect that you simply do notfall know about.

that means you may be putting die safety von your offspring weist risk. In addition, a offered seat is perhaps already so old the it might no much longer be used. Finally, ns prüfen Standard ECE 44/04 applies kommen sie all seats in the EU. You would even violate the law v a too old seat.

If freundin want to use a second-hand seat, it’s a an excellent idea kommen sie be a relatives or girlfriend model. Climate you kann better understand if ns seat is actually blieb flawless and functional. Freundin should salary attention zu this in this context:

die manual should still be available ns seat should be free von breakage, cracks und deformation ns straps should notfall be cracked, chipped or pinched. If there room belt pads, they blieb need to be present die buckle ausblüten has zu work perfectly and engage securely (chipping is in absolute no-go) the seat may be used zum a maximum von the number of years specified über the manufacturer

ideal child chair – what criteria space important when buying?

As already mentioned, you oase to make a radikale decision as a parent. You oase the choice between son seats that kann be get an impressive and child seats, which kann only it is in assigned zu one von the groups currently presented. Zum group 1 child seats, freundin can so choose betwee the forward und backward variant. A reboarder zu sein considered safer. Sie can also opt zum a vehicle seat with or Isofix. This criteria are also best kept bei mind, if you want kommen sie make your own child seat comparison:

for which body size die child seat is suitable

design material Processing v a washable, removable hülle If a summer hülle is obtainable separately the manufacturer ns price and value zum money ns type of attachment – in bei Isofix seat, for example, v a base or oberteil Tether through beverage und / or snack holder That ns seat complies with die current standard weil das child seat (ECE-R 44) with a side affect protection Height-adjustable backrest and headrest Simplicity des operation size (after all, ns seat must also fit an your car) die weight of your neu child seat v 5-point seat belt? sufficiently padded, non-slip chair belts With safety and security table for more safety? Country of manufacture: ideal Made bei EU or Germany for greater safety customer reviews and independent reviews of each child seat die highest possible comfort

You can not always set different seating and reclining location on all kid seats on ns market. If you’re planning numerous longer car rides, that’s nur it yet useful. Deshalb pay attention zu how viel your neu child seat favourite has to offer sie a reclining position dafür that your kids kann comfortably sleep in their car seat zum longer distances.

deshalb a son seat has to do a lot bei total. As well as ns appearance and bei attractive price-performance proportion , the comfort, the processing quality und above all the driving safety and security are deshalb important. Bei addition, your neu child chair must rechts your car. Therefore, we kann not express a universal boy seat recommendation. Rather, this criteria should assist you zu independently find ns right model zum your needs.

These automobile seat brands room available zum selection

wie looking weil das a safe und reliable kid seat , you’ll want ns following brands:

Maxi-Cosi Cybex Britax Romans KIDDY Safety first kk KinderKraft Nania boy seat GT XOMAX

What does ns child seat test des Stiftung warnung überprüfen say?

the child vehicle seat test of Stiftung warnung überprüfen is of course helping you kommen sie find die best auto seat for you. This car seat prüfung has put 460 different models of different child seat groups to ns test. Bei addition to ns security problem, ns Institute deshalb points to the declared pollutant problem many son seats. Therefore, it is a great idea zu read die detailed evaluation below together a payment PDF file. So you kann sein check exactly how recommendable your son seat favorite yes, really is.

What’s die result von the car seat test über Öko Test?

bei infant automobile seat prüfen or vehicle seat prüfung has notfall yet been conducted at ns time des this publication. at this point However, the institute tells you wherein you tun können safely install the child seat an your vehicle . Should Öko Test examine child automobile seats in the test in the future, you möchte of kurse hear that from us.

i m sorry are ns child seat test winners des the ADAC?

ns ADAC has lugged out the latest child seat test in the fall of 2018. The automobile society examined 18 various child seats, , which can be assigned kommen sie all sizes und weight classes. At least 11 models have at least been rated “good”. Ns KIDDY Evo-Liuna i-size Isofix child seat might even shine through “very good”. No other seat has been rated deswegen excellently von the ADAC. Ns detailed test results await sie right here . Assorted filter options are available so that you tun können comfortably browser through the results von the ADAC automobile seat test.

boy Seat compare 2019: discover Your best Child Seat now

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