This post will nur you how to find communication 9 und 3/4 in King"s cross Station in London, including tips on planning her visit.

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Every harry Potter fans knows ns most famous train platform in the world: 9 und 3/4!

Located bei London’s King’s cross Station, the barrier betwee platforms 9 and 10 holds die secret enntrance gate to ns magical communication that tun können only be accessed über running right ahead - straight into ns barrier.

This bring away wizards und witches out des the ‘muggle’ world und into ns magical world where they kann pick up ns Hogwarts Express, the red steam-engine train that will speed them trost to scotland to Hogwarts.

For all witches and wizards, their zuerst entrance into ns world von Hogwarts come as soon as they step through ns barrier onto communication 9 and 3/4.

It’s also worth noting that it was near this platform where harry Potter first met Ron und the whole Weasley gang!

The inspiration zum Platform 9 and 3/4

Visitors kommen sie King’s cross Station will know there is one small issue with ns existence des Platform 9 and 3/4: There is no barrier between platforms 9 und 10!

According to J. K. Rowling, “I wrote Platform 9 3/4 when i was living bei Manchester, und I erroneously visualised die platforms, and I was actually thinking von Euston, deshalb anyone who"s in reality been kommen sie the echt platforms 9 and 10 in King"s Cross will realise lock don"t bear a an excellent resemblance to the platforms 9 and 10 as described in the book. So that"s nur me comes clean, there. Ich was bei Manchester; ich couldn"t check.”

The barrier used in the film is actually the barrier betwee platforms 4 & 5.

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HOW zu GET to PLATFORM 9 3/4

To stop visitors clamouring onto the platforms, king Cross has placed the "real platform 9 und 3/4" at the rückseitig of King’s overcome Rail Station.

This means one needs to walk all the way to the ende of the station to find the - a short walk and definitely worth it!

We recommend using this google map zum exact directions. Or, why not let united state take sie there on our GPS-enabled harry Potter web page audio tour?


Professional photograph Hours

Monday - Saturday: 8:00am - 10:00pm (last entry zu photo queue is 9:45pm)Sunday: 9:00am - 9:00pm

How Much is a skilled Photo:

£9.50 zum one photograph£15 zum two or £20 for three

NOTE: expert staff ist not allowed kommen sie take photos utilizing your camera!

Waiting Times:

The average wait time zu sein around 20 - 40 minutes, but at peak times, the wait tun können be as long as an hour!

TIP: If you tun können visit before and after die professional photographers are operating together this can cut your wait time down zu 10 minutes!

When possible, come on late weekday evenings together these are the slowest periods.

Skip the Queue:

Don’t have time zu wait? purchase yourself a VIP Pass! You wollen get a souvenir lanyard, a photograph taken über professional staff, and you’ll skip the queue! All zum £15.00.

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Harry potter Shop

The harry Potter Shop: A must-visit weil das all potter lovers! Located at Platform 9 and 3/4, the harry Potter Shop zu sein absolutely to fill with whatever a Potter fans could ever want.

Inside are stationery supplies, wands, scarves, bags, books, key chains…and on und on!

Also, whichever house you’re in, the sich kümmern Potter shop has merchandise zum you - dafür for those des you NOT an Gryffindor, this ist one guarantee place zu find all ns accessories und materials freundin need kommen sie kit yourself out appropriately to zeigen your residence pride!

Be sure to check out our definitive post on all harry Potter London film locations.

We also have more in-depth posts on finding ns most sought after ~ locations, including 12 Grimmauld Place, die Ministry von Magic,Diagon Alley, andBorough industry (the Leaky Cauldron).


While you"re here, it"s also worth discovering St. Pancras Station! This beautifully resorted victorian building zu sein located nur across the street from King"s cross Station.

Potter-lovers möchte recognise the as shortly as they see it - just in front von the station zu sein where Ron and Harry choose up die Ford Anglia the Ron would certainly then use to fliegen them to Hogwarts.

The iconic image of the car leaving ns ground is filmed right bei front von St. Pancras!