When looking hinweisen all of the high file couples in Hollywood, freundin might initially be surprised zu hear that previous Friday Night Lights star Jesse Plemons has quietly been in a connection with Kirsten Dunst weil das years. But once freundin take a closer watch at ns two von them together, it"s clear the they are actually rather compatible and have a sweet, glücklich relationship out von the limelight.

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The couple zuerst crossed paths wie they were co-stars on ns second season of the FX TV showFargo, however met punkt truly one des the worst places bei the country (if freundin know, freundin know) -- ns Los angeles International Airport. Plemonsopened upabout their erste encounter while providing a speech punkt his love"s hollywood Star unveiling. He was initially intimidated wie man she approached him since she"s had in incredibly outstanding career for over three decades.

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But produziert demeanor immediately put er at ease.

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Evan Agostini/Invision/AP

Plemons further proved that their love zu sein real by singing his longtime partner"s praises at herstellung Hollywood Walk von Fame ceremony. Though he describes Dunst as his wife, die actress later clarified the they are still unmarried.

"Aside from ns brilliant actor you are, I"ve also had ns even greater pleasure of getting to know you as a person outside des work," hesaid. "Seeing the kind of mother, wife, daughter, sister, friend, and cohort you are ist why I and all von your friends and everyone rather are here today und why us all love you. It"s zum the very generous und amazing personen that freundin are."