Kit Kat Club Berlin Dresscode

Hi all- my boyfriend and I room going to go zu KitKat zum the first time following Saturday. We are a little concerned around making the through the door since friends von ours to be turned away previously. The plan zu sein to walk all out- I have a latex catsuit/gimp hood/leash I kann sein wear, and my boyfriend wollen wear a jock strap with a leather harness und jacket. Need to it make die cut? We’ve so heard they rotate away guys who show up without girl (we room a gay couple). Lastly, any great time to nur up zu ensure entry/avoid lines in the cold? Thanks deswegen much for the advice.

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Come really at an early stage or so late ( at 11 or after 4) to avoid the worst von the waiting. Since you change inside you can always take it a picture of your outfit house on your phone the you kann sein show at ns door if castle seem skeptical or ask what sie are wearing. Wearing latex should certainly cut it.

I agree v these times of arriving. If freundin want zu spend ns night there, please show up early, on mine night walks ich usually lakers the kitkat line bending round die corner zum a 2-3 hr wait.

Be there prior to 11 prefer 20 minutes. At 11 the line is already very lang most des the times. However on die other hand the entry must be faster jetzt as there zu sein the extra changing und wardrobe area.

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Berlin clubs are super queer dafür being a gay dude ist great! They just tend zu bias against single dudes due to the fact that people aggressively seafaring on ns ladys ruins the vibe.

It sounds prefer you're there weil das the right reasons. It is in ready to tell ns bouncer what you're attract (though preferably bei German) and you'll be fine.

Every bouncer care about the vibes inside. If lock think the you’re not a great fit, then you won’t kommen sie in. Just be cool, dude.

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What deshalb always help is: feather confident that your walking in. If sie are nervus or concerned they kann sein tell.

Follow up question- would freundin know if there is a last of happy cruising weist KitKat top top non-revolver nights, or ist it largely straight?

I oase never been on a saturday, however if freundin don’t know, once a month ich think (not sure) on certain fridays there is a large gay splitterpartei called revolver and being a gay splitterpartei you schutz more chances of getting in. I have been a couple of times und never had a problem with getting an (bought a ticket online) und just took my shirt of while inside, didn’t wear fetish clothes. Constantly lots of guys, no vaginas :D