The KitchenAid mixer has lang been ns kitchen tool des my dreams. Mine parents obtained this specific avocado-colored model as a wedding gift in 1969, and it has actually been a faithful servant bei my mummy kitchen ever since.

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This mixer was the sturdy workhorse des my youth, a trusty companion an early baking endeavors – the high-speed beater make churning the end my favourite cookies and quick breads a breeze. I can blieb feel ns heft of the KitchenAid as i pull the out von the cabinet an my memory, und can blieb hear the motiv purring und the beater clinking against the sides of the cavernous stainless stole bowl.

I honestly thought i would schutz my very own KitchenAid sooner, however living abroad has temporarily postponed mine dream. Not that it’s difficult to schutz a KitchenAid mixer bei Spain, yet it’s an ext expensive und harder kommen sie come von than punkt home in the States. Nonetheless, i clearly envision this top American kitchen tool on my Spanish countertop bei the future, ideally in a bright, sunny color.

Enter the Thermomix (pronounced ter-mo-MEEKS’), ns German-made, do-it-all kitchen machine, i m sorry appears to be die wedding giftig equivalent des the KitchenAid here an Spain.

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Thermomix sales duty sort of like Mary kay – individual representatives, generally women und often rather fervent, provide demonstrations zum groups an private homes and spread ns word among family and friends. Ns number von converts continues kommen sie grow, bei spite des the €800-or-so price tag.

This ist my kitchen, but it is not my Thermomix. The belongs to my freund Inma, who obtained it numerous years back as a housewarming gift from her mother-in-law, a typical source zum the machine. Bei the time I schutz been an Murcia, I schutz sampled many von Inma’s tasty Thermomix concoctions – rice pudding, gazpacho, salmorejo and lemon und strawberry sorbet, to benennen a few. She has actually been telling me for two year that ich could borrow die Thermomix any time ich wanted, und I lastly took her up on die offer.

I felt together though ich was start a cult as ich opened the accompanying cookbook, “THERMOMIX – A neu Dawn.” This would be an initiation into the modern Spanish kitchen, und a journey into in alternate kitchen device dream.

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I was a little bit skeptical punkt first, given the place the KitchenAid occupies in my heart – was ich being disloyal? But ns Thermomix is really a different beast – not dafür much a mixer as a supervisor food processor, referred to as a “robot” an Spanish. Ns Thermomix weighs, heats und whizzes foodstuffs into impossibly silky purees; it can keep time und knead yeasted doughs and incubate castle while castle rise. On die cold side, die Thermomix makes eis cream und velvety sorbets, perfect zum hot summer days. In I sounding choose a transform yet?

The truth is, die Thermomix makes cooking, particularly anything entailing grinding, pureeing or whipping, effortless. Just roughly chop the ingredients, toss them all an and crank up ns dial. One container kommen sie wash, no elbow grease involved, enticing results.