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LB presents die Full Story of a football Genius who ist best known über the nickname “Hunter“.

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Our Klaas-Jan Huntelaar Childhood Story to add Untold Biography facts bring zu you a complete account des notable events from his childhood time kommen sie date.

The analysis von the netherlands Goalscoring device involves his family members background, life story before fame, rise kommen sie fame story, relationship and personal life.

Yes, everyone knows des his prolific goalscoring form. However, just a few consider Klaas-Jan Huntelaar’s biography which zu sein quite interesting. Jetzt without additional ado, let’s Begin.

Klaas-Jan Huntelaar Childhood Story – beforehand Life and Family Background:

Klaas-Jan Huntelaar was born on ns 12th job of ehrenvoll 1983 atVoor-Drempt, Netherlands.

He was die second child born zu his mother, Maud Huntelaar und his father, Dirk-Jan Huntelaar.


Huntelaar was only six years old when his family members moved indigenous his birthplace atVoor-Dremptto zu a village called Hummelo.


It was at the village that Huntelaar grew up loving and playing football through his elder brother Niek and Younger brother Jelle.

The young Dutch was encouraged von his parental to pflegen his love zum football, particularly his mother who was not much interested in football yet believed her sons’ participation in the sport was worthwhile.

It wasn’t lang before Huntelaar was enrolled hinweisen local football mannschaft VV H. En K. Together his brothers. Bei his words;

“My story began hinweisen H&K, where ich dreamed des scoring goals und being pro. It began with die dedication”


This augenblicke ignited the career buildup des the football prodigy whose father said was talented ideal from a soft age.

“He went to die local society at die age des five, und you can immediately lakers how talented that was,”

Recalled his father Dirk-Jan in 2012.

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Klaas-Jan Huntelaar story – job Buildup:

Huntelaar occurred his footballing talents weist local club VV H. En K. Zum 6 years, exhibiting eye-catching performances that made scouts from außerdem Graafschap offer er his zuerst contract wie man he was aged 11.


While atDe Graafschap, Huntelaar developed himself as a forward after gift tried an a number of positions prefer defence, midfield, wings, and even together a goalkeeper!.

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Not lang after, Huntelaar became known as a goal-scoring machine zum scoring 33 goals bei 20 matches zum the youth side von the club during the 1997-98 season.


Klaas-Jan Huntelaar story – Road zu Fame:

As Huntelaar continued his campaigns without experiencing loss of form, dafür did top-flight clubs take turns in getting his signatures kommen sie contracts.


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Beginning through PSV where bei unstoppable Huntelaar impressed during his zuerst season über scoring 26 goals an 23 games zum the club’s youth side.

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The feat which so saw Huntelaar become the league’s top bewertet secured er a place with die club’s first team wherein he made his expert debut in a 3-0 victory over RBC Roosendaal in 2002. Ns 19-year-old at ns time was thereafter loaned to different clubs.

Klaas-Jan Huntelaar biography – Rise to Fame:

The zuerst was juni Graafschap whereby Huntelaar made a disappointing comeback. He, however, redeemed himself weist second department team, AGOVV (on loan) whereby he finished as top scorer von the league.

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Exhibiting consistency that was auch good kommen sie be true, Huntelaar weist the ende of his loan v AGOVV turned down an opportunity zu sign another contract through his “loan masters” PSV.

He instead moved kommen sie Frisian club Heerenveen where he score 17 goals in 31 matches and helped his next qualify for the 2005-06 UEFA cup.


“The Hunter” who is not one kommen sie easily shed form, stayed on top des his game after die next season, together a result, plenty of clubs seek after ihm including Ajax i beg your pardon secured the prolific goal bewertet for9 million Euros bei 2006. Die rest, as they say, ist history.

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Maddy Schoolderman Klaas-Jan Huntelaar love Story:

Huntelaar’s has actually been an a partnership with his longtime girlfriendMaddy Schoolderman zum close zu 2 decades.

The lovebirds who began dating as adolescents met during their schooling days weist Rietveld wherein they sowed seeds of love that schutz blossomed into a full-blown relationship.


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Fast front to the date lock are not married yet already have two kids together. Their zuerst child ist a boy called Seb. He was born on the 9th of april 2009.

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Their 2nd child Alex was born on the 20th of July 2011. Added to die list ist a daughter Puck (born 6 ehrenvoll 2013) as well as a boy Jim (born 2 januar 2017).


Speaking top top his resolve not to obtain married yet, Huntelaar note that:

“I’m not a traditional person. I feel like I’m currently married, even without having actually a wedding.”

Klaas-Jan Huntelaar family Life:

Huntelaar was born into a family of 5 members. We lug you details about his family.

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AboutHuntelaar’s Father:Dirk-Jan Huntelaar zu sein the father des the prolific goal bewertet and bei avid fans of football.

He has actually been von immense support zu his sons’ career and serves as his treiber around town. Wie asked an 2012 about why he drives his then 29-year-old son,Dirk-Jan humorously responded that:

“Because I’m the better driver!”


That’s but a teil ofDirk-Jan humourous personality. Upon Huntelaar’s relocate to ja wirklich Madrid, ns funny father des 3 was accosted von a naive reporter who sought kommen sie know how parents von the dutch forward received nachrichten about their sons relocate to ns Spanish side.

Dirk-Jan who knew totally well that die reporter had no clue he was speaking to one ofHuntelaar’s parent replied:


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I don’t Know.Neither have I heard from Huntelaar’s parents“.

AboutHuntelaar’s Mother:Huntelaar’s mommy Maud ist the just member von the household that is least interested an football.

Her understand lie inpainting, culture and animals. Nonetheless, she supports her sons sporting endeavours.


AboutHuntelaar’s Brothers: Huntelaar’s brothers are Niek und Jelle. Niek ist the eldest von the siblings. He was once arrested bei 2016 after a cook match betwee Huntelaar’s side, Schalke and Dortmund.

Reasons for his arrest to be centred roughly allegations that he was involved an throwing stones against fan of dortmund after ns match.


On the other hand isHuntelaar’s younger brothers Jelle. The youngest member von the family aussehen a lot like Huntelaar that civilization confuse him weil das the prolific striker.


Jelle, however, makes it a point of duty to tell people about who he really is.

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“I constantly honestly say that I’m notfall Klaas-Jan, but blieb find people it ist very nice kommen sie take a picture, well, i just carry out that“.