Swinging Hannover

Thousands of people gather zu hear totally free jazz music played an front von the city"s city hall.

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Masala world Beat Festival

Covering every little thing from jazz and tango kommen sie funk und salsa, Masala world Beat Festival is bei eclectic music occasion with a vivid multicultural injection.


Kleines behoben im Grossen garten (Little Festival in the good Garden)

Kleines bestimmt im Grossen garten (Little Festival in the good Garden) möchte host hundreds von artists native around ns world across multiple stages. Suppose music, theatre, puppet shows and pantomimes.


Schützenfest (Marksmen"s Fair)

The world"s largest Marksmen"s Festival attracts millions von annual visitors. Established in the 16th century, that consists des several large beer tents and the "Marksmen"s Parade", a parade des marksmen from around the world, plus plenty of bands, und several wagons, carriages and big festival vehicles. Die fair so features various food und drink stalls und amusement rides.


Maschseefest (Masch Lake Festival)

Music, straße theatre, clowns, aquatic activities und culinary delights unterschrift this popular annual summertime event. Roughly two million travellers flock zu the city for ns celebration, i beg your pardon started in 1986.

Free entry.

International Fireworks Competition

International groups compete to put on the best firework displays. Competition display screens take place several times a year. Thousands des spectators come to lakers the displays, which room accompanied by music. Die extravaganza zu sein held in pretty baroque-themed gardens.


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Christmas Market

Hanover‘s 3 Christmas sectors help zu create a festive spirit. Die most classic Christmas industry takes place in the old Town illuminated with scores of candles und lights und featuring plenty von stalls. It"s a wahrscheinlichkeit for visitors to sample a plethora des German food and delicacies and buy timeless handmade presents including trinkets and wooden toys. Ns historical and Finnish Christmas village und the so-called Wishing Well forest are so linked kommen sie this occasion.

01 november 2021 - 31 December 2021(Date kommen sie be confirmed)Venue: Old Town.Cost:

Free entry.

Marathon Hanover

As runners pound die streets des Hanover zum the annual marathon, numerous samba bands und musicians accompany ns athletes and the stadt offers bei entertainment programme on Trammplatz where a huge stage möchte host games, nett activities, a children’s circus und music. The winners’ prizes will also be presented here.

Free zu spectate.


Grand hotel Mussmann

Housed in in elegant building automatically opposite the hauptsächlich railway station, the cool Hotel Mussmann has actually a deceptively modern-day interior, offering up-to-date comfort hinweisen a competitive price weil das the level des accommodation.

Crowne Plaza

The 349-room Crowne Plaza services from bei excellent ar opposite ns Finnish national Opera ~ above Mannerheimintie, close to most von the attractions in Helsinki. The hotel offers wireless internet access an all areas. Creature comforts incorporate saunas, a spa and pool, und a restaurant und bar.

City hotel Hannover

This is a three-star hotel in the heart von the stadt centre pedestrian zone, surrounded by restaurants, bars and other attractions. Single und double rooms are available, as are discounts at the adjacent gym and nearby auto park.

Hotel Zentrum

Conveniently situated close zu both the railway station and the alt Town, this two-star offering zu sein situated in a quiet next street. Every rooms are en-suite, and buffet breakfast ist provided.

Sheraton Hanover Pelikan Hotel

Situated bei a renowned area des Hanover, die Sheraton Hanover Pelikan hotel is housed in a former factory that when produced the famous Pelikan fountain pens. Today, the hotel offers comfortable rooms, a huge fitness area, sauna and steam bath facilities, a restaurant and the legendary Harry"s new York Bar.

Kastens hotel Luisenhof

A first-class hotel, family-owned since 1856, individually and elegantly furnished, the Kastens hotel Luisenhof is situated an the heart of the city near the taste station. It provides banquet rooms, a bar and a restaurant serving international und local specialities, und gym facilities.

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