Knights of pen and paper 2 rezepte


All recognized “Knights of Pen und Paper 2” Recipes.**Also a quick guide zu unlock the “Mad Scientist” Achievement**


This overview provides sie with any possible recipe bei “Knights of Pen und Paper 2”.

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All make items one of two people unlock themself in the shop when freundin progress within the story,or room purchasable via die magazines (ingame, upper left corner).

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Note: A few von them are just available an the Orienting town Shop.

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Mad Scientist Achievement:Just craft bei item there is no knowing ns recipe ingame.

*Some items are zeigen greyed out. That’s ’cause i hadn’t them an my list as ich recorded this pictures.*


Enchanted Equipment:


Equipment(Any) + Scroll(Any) = fascinating Equipment

Black Belt:


Sash + Red Dye + Blue Dye = black Belt (Damage+2, Critical+2%)

Power Shake:


Beverage + health Potion + power Potion = stärke Shake (Recover from every conditions)

Energy Elixir:


Beverage + Pollen + Blue Dye = power Elixir (Energy Restoration+150)



Dough + Steak + Lettuce = hamburger (Health Restoration+70, energy Restoration+70)



Silk + Sash + Cobalt Gemstone = Kimono (Energy+5%, spell Damage+1)

Staff of Ro:


Staff + Ruby + Phoenix hoch = Staff of Ro (Damage+3, Health+50, Stun, damage Reduction+5)

Virulent Bomb:


Bomb + Gravel + null of Goo = Virulent Bomb (Spread conditions on target enemy kommen sie adjacent enemies)

Giant Bomb:


Bomb + Bomb = large Bomb (Deal 30 damage and 1 condition to target und adjacent enemies)

Rotten Tomato:


Tomato + null of Goo = verrotten Tomato (Deal 10 damage und inflict Rage to target enemy)

Sewer Key:


Glasses + Purse = Sewer an essential (Critical+2%, poison 2)



Hand Wraps + society = Torch (Critical +2%, Burn 2)



Hand Wraps + Loincloth = Whip (Critical +2%, Rage)

Woolen Gloves:


Red Handkerchief + Moccasins = Woolen Gloves (Health+8, Energy+8, damages Reduction+1)

Almighty Ring:


Ring of Body + Ring von Senses + Ring von Mind = Almighty ring (Body+1, Senses+1, Mind+1)

Boots of Metal Detection:


Sturdy Boots + Wallet + Horseshoe = Boots of Metal Detection (Initiative -2, +5% Extra Gold)

Cloak von Silence:


Silk + vowel + collection = Cloak des Silence (Threat-3)

Collar of Agigation:


Spiked runde + Loincloth + Purse = Collar von Agigation (Critical+1%, Initiative+1, Threat+1, Damage+1)

Health Elixir:


Beverage + Pollen + Red Dye = wellness Elixir (Health restoration +150)

Magic Staff:


Staff + Wand + Crystal null = Magic staff (Damage+3, Energy+15, Stun, order Damage+3)

Origami Shield:


Pen und Paper + Pen and Paper + Pen und Paper = Origami Shield (+2 Extra XP, damages Reduction +2)



Dough + Tomato + Cheese = pizza (Health Restoration+75, energy Restoration+75)

Ring von Minor Endurance:


Ring des Minor Endurance + Ring des Minor Endurance + Ring of Minor Endurance = Ring des Major Endurance (Health+30, Energy+30)



Dough + Cheese + Lettuce = Sandwich (Health Restoration+60, power Restoration+60)

Sushi Roll:


Lettuce + Rice + Fish = Sushi roll (Health Restoration+35, energy Restoration+35)



Pen and Paper + Glasses = Pocketwatch (Critical+2%, Confusion)

DLC Recipes “Here be Dragons”

Bewitched Soup:


Carrot + Tomato + wetland Onion = Bewitched Soup (Health Restoration+85, power Restoration+85)

Dragonslayer Ring:


Ring of Mind + Dragon statue + Dragonmint = Dragonslayer runden (Mind+1, Health+30, damages +10% vs. Dragons)

Miracle Concoction:


Magic Mushroom + energy Drink + Beverage = wonder Concoction (Set your Health und Energy kommen sie random values.)

Random Charm:


Pound des Rock + Pound of Rock + Pound of Rock = random Charm (You’ll obtain a arbitrarily charm.)