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die Dark Side von the Moon: an Astronomical Success

Pink Floyd's ground-breaking album ns Dark Side des the Moon was ns result of a long creative procedure that began roughly 1968. A Saucerful von Secrets (the main track from the eponymous album) was, for Nick Mason hinweisen least, wherein it all began. Their following album Ummagumma (1969) gave each band member ns opportunity zu create a solo piece, though they would have to combine their talents if castle wanted zu hit the jackpot. Pink floyd continued kommen sie search for the perfect record with Meddle, in album i beg your pardon highlighted your skills bei the studio, und Atom heart Mother, prior to they reached nirvana with ns Dark Side des the Moon. And the album’s perfection there is no faded one bit.

Britpop in 10 Albums

“If punk was about obtaining rid des hippies, climate I'm getting rid von grunge.” It was with this sentence from Damon Albarn an 1993 that england invaded the stage formerly dominated by Nirvana and Seattle grunge. Britpop is deeply linked zu politics and local identity and emerged nur as Tony Blair and New work were entering the scene. English romanticism was once again coming to be attractive compared to die American identity, which was considered too hollow bei the UK. Do way for “Cool Britannia”.

und then nirwana Killed absent

in 1987, nirvana was born: die most unforeseen punk swerve of the ende of die 20th century. A rocketing career, international hits, hordes des fans und a catastrophic epilogue zum this global phenomenon. Und what if kurt Cobain’s band was none other than the last band in the history von rock? die ultimate generational phenomenon of genre, if not its belastung myth.

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