Kontakte Von Iphone Zu Ipad Übertragen

By default, iTunes or iCloud will sync your contacts in bulk, with wenig control over ns process, und no auswärtigen options.

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With miyvue.com, it becomes simple to auslieferung contacts from her iPhone zu your computer, or ns other method around – sharing contacts securely, there is no syncing, und outside von the cloud tun können be done bei just a few clicks.

miyvue.com supports exporting contacts to:

Mac contacts appWindows Contacts

It so supports exporting to die following file formats:

vCard – conventional format zum electronic business card.Excel – layout compatible with Excel, Numbers, or Sheets.CSV – layout compatible v Excel, Numbers, or Sheets.

Who is this overview for?

Anyone who desires to auslieferung or back-up their contacts to their computer, or to an external drive.

Before freundin begin

Download und install miyvue.com on your Mac or computer computer

Download for Mac Download for PC


To transfer iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch contacts zu your computer:

In die left sidebar, choose Contacts. Kommen sie view your most recent contacts, freundin may need zu refresh her data.

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If this zu sein your erste time connecting your device, miyvue.com wollen initiate a backup zu pull your contacts.
Select ns contact(s) freundin want kommen sie export.In the bottom toolbar, click one des the Export buttons. This will offen a conserve panel dialog box.In the dialog box, choose where freundin want to geige your files, und click Choose.

💡 Tip: Use the CTRL/Command, or SHIFT keys zu select many contacts, or messages.*

Export contact to windows Contacts

Select die contact(s) sie want to export.Click Export zu Contacts

Export Contacts kommen sie Mac contact app

Select die contact(s) you want kommen sie export.Click Export kommen sie VCard. This will open a conserve panel dialog box.Double click die exported VCard document to offen it in Mac contacts app.

Export Contacts zu a Spreadsheet

Select die contact(s) you want to export.Click Export kommen sie Excel or Export zu CSV. This will offen a conserve panel dialog box.Choose a target location weil das the CSV file and confirm.Launch the spreadsheet program of your choice, and import die exported file.

On the Mac, .xslx or .csv files kann be straight opened in Numbers. Importing to google Sheets zu sein done via the File->Import menu.

What zu keep in mind

In miyvue.com"s preferences you can:

change the Data auswärtigen delimiter zum .csv exports zu Comma, Tab, or Semicolon.adjust vCard auswärtigen settings weil das exporting many contacts: output multiple vCard files containing one contact each, or a single aggregated vCard.

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Mac: miyvue.com > Preferences… > various other DataWindows: edit > Preferences… > other Data

Outlook und Windows Contacts can only income vCard files containing a single contact. Exporting contacts zu Outlook is achieved by exporting to CSV first, and importing die CSV file to Outlook.