Taylor Swift Và Kanye West

Taylor Swift"s feud with Kanye West and Kim Kardashian goes back a whole decade, and offers twists và turns that no one saw coming. It all started at the MTV VMAs in September 2009, when Kanye interrupted Taylor"s acceptance speech, & has bubbled behind closed doors - and in right in front of our eyes - ever since. Here"s a complete timeline of the shade you need to lớn know about, starting with the latest update.

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16th December 2021 - Kim discusses Taylor in a new interview

It"s been well over 18 months since the last update on Kim Kardashian và Kanye West"s feud with Taylor Swift, with Kim"s March 2020 comments focusing on Kanye"s mention of Taylor in his "Famous" song lyrics.

Fast forward to December 2021, and Kim has been discussing Taylor again - though this time things are (thankfully) more positive.

Speaking candidly during a new in-depth interview on the Honestly podcast with host Bari Weiss, Kim was met with a question about the singer.


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In a lightning question round towards the end of the podcast episode, Weiss asked Kim, "What"s your favourite Taylor Swift album?"

It turns out Kim only had good things to say, replying, "I really like a lot of her songs. They"re all super cute and catchy. I"d have lớn look in my phone to lớn get a name ."

Well, there you have it. Looks lượt thích Kim is a fan of Taylor"s music after all.

Check out the timeline of their full feud below...

13th September 2009

It begins. On this fateful date in thành phố new york City, a 19-year-old Taylor Swift was at the MTV đoạn phim Music Awards, accepting the Best Female đoạn clip award for unrequited love anthem "You Belong with Me". During her dễ thương acceptance speech, Kanye West jumped up on the stage & grabbed the mic, interrupting with the now-immortal words: "Yo, Taylor, I"m really happy for you & I"mma let you finish, but Beyoncé had one of the best videos of all time. One of the best videos of all time!"

If you Google the words "sad kitten", you"ll get a pretty good approximation of what Taylor"s face looked lượt thích during this whole fiasco, while MTV"s cameras cut to Beyonce herself looking horrified in the audience. Once Kanye had shrugged & handed the mic back to Taylor, her time was up.


Nobody was impressed. President Obama famously called Kanye "a jackass" over the incident. Even Katy Perry, now widely known as the subject of Swift"s diss-track "Bad Blood", was not on board: "F*** you, Kanye. It"s lượt thích you stepped on a kitten," she tweeted, which is pretty much as accurate as metaphors get.

Kanye was promptly kicked out, while Beyonce used her đoạn phim of the Year win later in the evening as an opportunity to lớn bring Swift back on stage, & let her finish her speech. Because no matter how trying the circumstances, Beyonce remains a flawless human being.

15th September 2009

A contrite Kanye appears on The Jay Leno Show, admitting "It was rude, period. I don"t try khổng lồ justify it, "cause I was in the wrong. Dealing with the fact that I hurt someone or took anything away, you know, from a talented artist – or from anyone – because I only wanted to lớn help people.

"My entire life, I"ve only wanted lớn do & give something that I felt was right & I immediately knew in this situation that it was wrong."

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Meanwhile, Taylor addresses the incident on The View: "My overall thought process was something like: "Wow, I can"t believe I won, this is awesome, don"t trip and fall, I"m gonna get lớn thank the fans, this is so cool. Oh, Kanye West is here. Cool haircut. What are you doing there?" & then, "Ouch." & then, "I guess I"m not gonna get lớn thank the fans."" She also confirms that Kanye has not reached out khổng lồ her khổng lồ apologise.

Following her appearance on The View, Kanye calls Taylor personally khổng lồ apologise. "He was very sincere in his apology, & I accepted that apology," she said.

4th September 2010

Kanye apologises publicly via the then-exciting-and-new social truyền thông platform of Twitter: "I"m sorry, Taylor," he wrote. "We"re both artists, & the media and managers are trying to get between us. She deserves the apology more than anyone. Thank you Biz Stone và Evan Williams for creating a platform where we can communicate directly." During the heartfelt barrage of tweets, Kanye also reveals he"s written a tuy nhiên for Taylor.


12th September 2010

… But before we ever get to lớn hear Kanye"s song about Taylor, she releases one about him. At the 2010 VMAs, Taylor marks the one-year anniversary of the Kanye fiasco with a barefoot performance of her brand new tuy vậy "Innocent", which includes the lyrics "Who you are is not what you did / You"re still an innocent." While fairly vague, most critics take the lyrics as a tacit blend of forgiveness and revenge, with The new york Times dubbing the tuy nhiên "an extremely savvy insult masquerading as the high road".

November 2010

Kanye backtracks on his apology in several separate interviews, claiming that interrupting Taylor was "selfless" và not arrogant on his part, because she didn"t deserve lớn win the award. "Taylor never came khổng lồ my defence at any interview," he complained, accusing Swift of exploiting the incident for publicity.

3rd May 2011

Taylor and Kanye have at least publicly buried the hatchet. On the red carpet at the Met Costume Institute Gala, "the two exchanged a studiedly casual, "down low" high five", but it"s clear things are still strained.


25th October 2012

A Rolling Stone profile reveals that Swift has a memento of the VMAs moment in her Nashville home: "Above the fireplace, which is emblazoned with a small heart, there"s even a photo of the moment Kanye stormed her VMA stage (captioned, "Life is full of little interruptions," a phrase that"s also in the liner notes of her last album), right next to what is presumably the actual award in question under glass."

11th June 2013

Kanye all-but officially takes back his apology, telling The new york Times that he only apologised in the first place because he"d caved to lớn peer pressure. "I don"t have one regret," he says of the VMAs incident.


February 2015

A new leaf has been seriously turned over. Not only are Taylor và Kanye super-pally backstage at the năm ngoái Grammys, but there are rumours of a collaboration, following Taylor"s final transition out of country và into pop with 1989.

"She wants lớn get in the studio và we"re definitely going khổng lồ go in," Kanye tells Ryan Seacrest. "I don"t have an elitism about music, I don"t discriminate." A few days after the Grammys, the pair are seen grabbing dinner together at thủ đô new york hotspot The Spotted Pig, adding grist to lớn that rumor mill.

August 2015

At the năm ngoái VMAs, six years after the little interruption that started it all, Taylor presents Kanye with the đoạn clip Vanguard Award, the most public confirmation yet of their newfound alliance.